The Best Striped Items to buy for Autumn/Winter 2022

With every new season comes new trends – or in many cases, old trends coming back once more (erm, hiya Y2K! Low rise. 90s fever forever) We love a trend cycle – although when it comes to classic stripes, some would argue “when did that ever go out of style?” The blatant response is… they obv didn’t. They could never. Stripes are one of the sartorial cornerstones of every woman’s wardrobe. Sometimes, however, even fashion staples lie somewhat dormant in our wardrobe in favour of more micro-trendy pieces, but then come back with so much vim that they literally become a *thing* – and that’s where we’re at with stripes. The good news? You probably already have some pieces in your wardrobe so you don’t actually need to buy anything new. The bad news? The new season of stripes is already looking so good, you’re probably going to want to buy them anyway.

I’ve curated an edit of some of the best pieces right now – but think wisely on your purchase, because let’s face it, stripes are a perennial wardrobe pleaser and you’re likely to be keeping this in your wardrobe for years to come!

Striped Sweaters & Jumpers

Striped T-Shirts

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