Summer is long gone. Well, it officially left us the past couple of days. The extended Indian Summer way into September really has come to an end so I figured, finally, it feels right to post about Autumn trends and the major things you need to pepper your wardrobe with. If you’re more of a visual person, make a cuppa and check out my youtube video below breaking down all of these trends! If you’re just here for some shopping inspo, then keep on scrolling because I’ve got that for you!

I thought best to do a real breakdown of actual shoppable KEY pieces for your wardrobe to help elevate your style and work with your existing pieces from previous seasons, rather than just be super vague and say Yas Darling, Tartan is Trending! It’s too vague. Too much of a cop-out. Here is basically your Autumn outfit shopping list. You don’t have to go crazy – buy a few key pieces to update your current wardrobe and you’re good to go.

Leather Trousers

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Leather trousers are nothing new, but they’re really taking on a new form this season. Last year was all about the leather leggings – easy to throw on and super comfy. This time round, it’s all echoing what we’ve seen happening in denim: wider strides, 90’s silhouettes, longer and straighter fits, as opposed to skintight. The leather legging will always be a staple, but if you want to harness the aesthetic of autumn right, get yourself a pair of these instead.

Leather Blazers

Think Buffy. POV: the year is 2002. Think Bad Girl from the high school movies you watched when you were, well, back in high school. The one I am pictured wearing is indeed The Frankie Shop Olivia blazer which you can get here or here – it is the *perfect* level of oversized (I’m wearing an XS-S). I lusted after this blazer for months, trying to find the best dupes that although coming close, never quite quenched the thirst for the perfect one. So if you can afford to part with £250-315 (depending where you purchase from) I would recommend you do so. Although the Weekday Jaden blazer looks like a very good alternative at only £60.

One thing I noticed during my quest for the best oversized leather blazer is that most aren’t really, well, oversized. At least, certainly not enough to be able to layer with an oversized sweater on chillier days. So bear that in mind and consider sizing up anyway.

Leather Biker Jackets

Honestly, Missguided really is the MVP for faux leather biker jackets. These four look remarkably similar but trust me, I’ve tried all four and they are indeed different. I first ordered jacket numero uno on the left two years ago in a size 8, and this year decided to replace it with the one on the far right instead in a size 12 for a more oversized, Hailey Bieber-ish vibe. The middle two are more longline – I ended up returning simply because I didn’t need *that* many, and being petite, I found they came a little long on the thigh for me. If I was 5’6 or above I would definitely opt for one of those instead!

The Khaki Quilted Jacket

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Inspired by military liner jackets, the absolute must-have, ride-or-die piece you need this autumn khaki jacket. I’ll assume you already know about ~the~ Frankie Shop padded jacket in Moss green (which is currently sold out) – it’s the one that really set the trend in the first place last autumn/winter. I managed to get hold of one during its limited restocks back in March, back when it was only available in “one size” – and as a 5’3, petite-framed girl, I’m telling you…. it is a tent. I love oversized, but it’s just too much. Brb, just flogging it on Vestiaire.

Cue the high street and its dupes: most notably, River Island. I posted this on my stories when it first came in stock and it sold out in less than 24 hours. It got restocked two days ago and is already selling super fast again. There’s other great options too, bringing different things: various shades of green, altered silhouettes that will appease the crowd that eschew oversized silhouettes more than people like myself. So there really is something for everyone.

Split Hem / Kick Flare Trousers

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I really struggled with what to call these things. There’s so many options. Flared leggings? Kick flare jersey trousers? Split hem trousers? I just don’t know! Either way, they are big news and they are COMFY. Imagine your beloved leggings but, a little more luxe (not to mention, leg-lengthening!) – you can dress these down with trainers and a hoody for the perfect daytime look or add on heels and a slinky top and head to the bar for some spicy margs. There’s two variations we’re seeing pop up – tailored into a miniature baby flare, OR, a split hem which gives the flared effect. Go with whatever you like best – although the split hem variation shows of more shoe so if you have a killer pair you want to broadcast to the world then you know what to do.

Baggy Jeans

Another y2k revival trend – baggier jeans. The whole 90s style has evolved into a slightly baggier aesthetic and quite frankly, I’m here for it. It’s a surprisingly flattering trend too. Don’t be afraid to break the rules and wear baggy jeans with an equally baggy top. Volume is key and we love it.

New Balance 530

A pinterest-favourite, and for a good reason. The New Balance 530 are super comfortable as well as effortlessly stylish. I wear mine to the gym, to walk my dog, to boxing, with little dresses, with jeans – with literally anything. They’re my go-to trainer for comfort and style. They keep selling out so be quick!

Cowboy Boots

Well, I certainly did not think you’d be seeing me in a pair of these, let alone a white pair, which is exactly what I purchased with absolute vim. And quite frankly, I love mine. I hate focusing on items that fit and flatter as opposed to the things you just LOVE and want to wear, however, boots can be a tricky one. I, for one, have very small feet and pretty thick muscular calves – and the small feet just accentuate the thickness of the calves. It can make boot shopping a real challenge at times. With so many cowboy boots coming up to the mid-calf area, I thought it would be impossible to find a pair that look good but actually, I’ve found multiple.

I have to say, I was very very VERY surprised to find that Shein’s offering was quite so good – I got hold of a black pair pretty quickly. Whilst the quality isn’t amazing, you can’t really argue with it when they cost a mere £34 – it’s also a really great way to try out a trend if you’re not 100% sure of it. One word of advice I would give is to size up – I always have to size up to compensate for my thicker calves (the shaft of the boot gets wider as you go up in shoe size, I have found out….) – and I found that ordering the Shein boots in two sizes larger was STILL a bit of a squeeze.

Knee High Boots

Whether they’re chunky soled, rubberised a-la-Ganni 2020, stiletto heeled or mock-croc, the boots you really need (as well as cowboy boots, obv, but we digress) is a pair of knee-highs. Perfect for thigh-grazing mini skirts, they really are an essential piece of your autumn aesthetic armoury.

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