The Ultimate Black Friday / Cyber Week 2020 sales Guide

Cyber Week and Black Friday 2020 are almost upon us – with the start of Cyber Week hitting on Monday, and Black Friday on the 27th. It’s going to be a bit of a strange one – due to the current lockdown here in the UK, the stores will be shut. So there’s going to be none of those videos of people pushing each other out of the way and fighting over things in store which always seem to go viral…. nope. This time it’ll all take place online. Which is totally my preference as I can shop from the comfort of my bed!

A lot of retailers have already started their pre-sales, and lots of things have already started to run out of stock! But here’s what you need to know so you make the most of Black Friday and the Cyber Sales 2020.

What I’m doing for Black Friday / Cyber Week!

I’ll be updating my blog every day with my favourite picks across a whole host of retailers, as well as updating the different and new discounts as they change! So make sure you keep checking back.

My Instagram stories will be updated with try ons, mini-hauls, and my favourite picks from online so make sure you’re following me here.

And YouTube! There will be LOTS happening on YouTube. I’m going to be posting a haul video every single morning, along with updated discounts. It’s a huge huge haul week over there! So make sure you subscribe now! There will be a lot of inspiration for you!

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Why Black Friday / Cyber Week is so important

There’s a few reasons. Obviously it’s huge for the retailer – but as buyers, it’s the perfect time to get incredible discounts and sales on things we might want and need, and most importantly, gifts! 

I always recommend shopping sensibly. I know it’s hard when there’s so many discounts… but I want to show you the best of the sales and enable you… a bit… but I would always suggest you think before clicking purchase. Do you really need it? Do you have anything similar already? Do you only want it because it’s on sale or is the discounted price just a bonus? Look to buy key pieces that will last well. Invest in a designer piece at a great price and that’ll have years of wear rather than lots of smaller cheaper pieces. Do you need to replace any of your worn-out favourites? Replenish your much-loved beauty and skincare regimens? You can shop these sales smartly!

What To Buy In the Cyber Week Sales

But anyway, let’s get into the fun things. What’s best to buy in the cyber sales?

Gifts! Christmas is looming. And I would 100% recommend looking to buy people gifts during this time! Because after BF/CW, prices will shoot back up until the New Years sales. 

Expensive homewares, electrical, tech and gadgets are great to invest in during cyber week. I’d keep an eye on brands like Anthropologie and products like the Gleaming Primrose mirror. After a new tv or camera? Look out for that too. Even small discounts add up and help out on higher price-points. Plus, many tech items are going cheaper than usual. 

Luxury. Yaaaaas. My favourite part of Black Friday!!! Luxury Sales! Check out big retailers like Net-a-Porter, Farfetch, and MyTheresa for the sales there. Pieces worth investing in will be Chloé – there’s often big discounts on their gorgeous bags. And look for investing in high-end basics like a classic black oversized blazer. I’ll be posting my daily roundups! 

Hair stylers. Kind of in with the tech and electrical sections, but much more glam. Look out for hair curlers and straighteners from the big labels especially GHD. They have the iconic straighteners and their hair curlers are incredible too!  Dyson’s hair stylers are also amazing. If you really want a new generation hair straightener, look for the Dyson Corrale – it’s a cordless styler! The gift set is the same price as the styler alone right now, and I’m expecting it will be discounted soon too.

ActivewearNike usually do a big sale – and the quality pieces are built to last. I think since lockdowns 1 and 2, we have all looked to fitness in some form of way as a kind of therapy. I’ve been lacking in motivation lately! But one thing that always kicks my A into G is some new activewear. Here’s some of my top pics. The Sculpt Luxe leggings have been a staple in my wardrobe for so long – they’ve lasted me years.

Homeware and Interior decor. From dreamy hotel-quality bed linen from The White Company to H&M home’s gorgeous decor pieces, the time to pick up some cute more homey pieces is now. La Redoute does some gorgeous berber-inspired rugs and dressing tables – pieces I have snapped up before! Do not forget to check out my blog post on how I decorate my London apartment for some inspiration. Why wait until the new year to have a home detox and reboot? We’re spending so much time at home right now, it’s better to act now! 

Make sure you check back for all of the best discounts and biggest sales, as well as my edit.

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