Chanel Dad Sandals: the best dupes and everything you need to know about the real ones

My Chanel dad sandal obsession has taken on a life of its own. I never thought the ugly sandal trend would be for me but hey, here we are, 3 pairs later. So this is a little post on the best dupes out there, and all you need to know about the real Chanel sandals.

Chanel Dad Sandals

I get asked a lot if I can link my sandals or do a swipe up to them on my Instagram stories so people can buy them – but Chanel do not do e-commerce for fashion. They only sell beauty and small accessories online. If you want to buy Chanel online, you’re going to be looking at places like eBay or resale sites like Vestiaire. Also, these sandals sell out FAST in store. I’ve always been really lucky with getting hold of mine. 

My first pair were the black rubber ones that I bought at Heathrow’s T5 Chanel boutique (hellooooo tax-free yasss) and honestly, they have to be my favourite as they’re so comfortable. The comfiest shoes I have ever worn. I then fell in love with the quilted pair with crystal-embellished C’s and picked them up from the Bond Street store in London back in February. I haven’t worn these nearly as much as oh my god they HURT. I am still recovering from scarring left by blisters from them. I’ve almost broke them in, but it hasn’t been easy. Then, I saw a pair of the old tweed ones pop up on a resale site and had to get them (despite them being a little too big for me).

Sizing-wise, I usually wear a 35.5 in shoes and find they’re relatively accurate, if anything, a little large to size. As I could get away with a 35 in all of them, and the 36’s are definitely too big.

Here’s some links to some on Vestiaire – if you want the real deal, keep checking back on this link to see what shows up. But they are super super overpriced. My rubber ones were around £590 tax-free, and the quilted ones were £940 full-price in store.


So for those of you here for the dupes – I got you. There’s a few out on the market, but a lot tend to sell real quick so keep checking back on these links for restocks and keep checking this post back as I will continue to update it. 

A super cheap and currently available Chanel sandal dupe for £25 is these from YesStyle – I’ve never shopped from there but both my followers and some influencers I really trust have told me it’s a great website and they buy from there a lot! There’s this lot and then this lot available on their site currently.

A more high-end dupe is the Sonia sandals from Ducie London – I actually bought these last year but the sizing was too large so ended up selling them on. The quality is really lovely though so if you’re looking for a higher price-point but not quite Chanel, these are currently your best bet.

Shein – ok so here for a more blatant dupe is Shein. Especially the two below on the left. They also have this pair in white tweed which I personally think are super cool. Shein do a lot of copies and are also known for taking images off other peoples websites and selling cheap reproductions of other brands products. I have ordered things from them before and been relatively impressed but also disappointed in equal measure… this was a few years back so maybe things have changed? So all I’ll say is proceed with caution when buying from here and perhaps don’t expect things to be amazing. But if you’re looking for a cheap dupe of Chanel’s dad sandals then, here you go.

Kurt Geiger’s Orson Sandals – these are definitely my favourite dupe – they seem high quality and look great on loads of people I’ve seen wearing them. They came out last year and are sadly basically all sold out, but I have hopes they’ll restock them as they’ve proved so popular once more so keep checking back! Different e-tailers sell them so worth checking the following.

And finally, a couple of other noteworthy dupes/ inspired by Chanel sandals in case these are more your cup of tea!

Do keep checking back as I will be updating this page!

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