My Favourite Homeware Pieces In My London Apartment

Despite the UK’s government changing their COVID-19 slogan from #StayHome to #StayAlert, I think most of us still plan on spending a lot more time at home. I work from home anyway, so having a lovely living space that doubles as a studio has been important to me! Plus, I love interiors! There’s only so much you can really do in rented accommodation (nobody wants to fit a new Pinterest-worthy bathroom in an apartment they don’t even own fro themselves…) but buying into beautiful furniture and bits of decor can really add some spark to your magnolia walls. So here’s a little look inside my London apartment at my favourite favourite things.

Anthropologie’s Gleaming Primrose Mirror

I have had dreams about Anthropologie’s Gleaming Primrose mirror. It was always the should-I-shouldn’t-I spend THAT much money on a mirror… and when I had convinced myself to just do it, it was always out of stock. I even spent around at least £200-£300 on a mirror which was meant to look just like it but be way cheaper, only to never be satisfied because it just wasn’t what I actually wanted. So that was pointless. I’ve learned the hard (and expensive) way to not bother buying cheap knock-offs of the thing I really want because a) it haunts you b) if you make the investment in what you really want, you love it more and it lasts you longer.

I ended up with the medium and large Gleaming Primrose mirrors just because I ordered the medium when it FINALLY came back in stock, and then I randomly checked weeks later to see if the large was back in and there was only one available so I panic bought it in the moment.

The large one is HUGE but so beautiful and I keep it in my dressing room. It’s insanely heavy so can’t really be moved around much without lots of help. The medium one is in my bedroom. It comes to 5ft so isn’t quite tall enough to be a full length mirror unless you hang it or stack it on something – I’ve stacked mine on piles of old Vogue magazines. It’s so heavy it really doesn’t run the risk of falling off!

Shop the Gleaming Primrose Mirror here – it now comes in silver and black too.





Berber Rugs

When I travelled to Marrakech, I was obsessed with the markets, the furniture, the decor and interiors. I was mostly obsessed with the rugs and the textiles. In my spare room, I have a real Beni Ourain berber rug from Morocco. You can buy similar ones on Etsy – most shipped from markets and shops in Marrakech itself. OR, you can buy a UK high street dupe – I can’t get over how accurate this one from La Redoute is.

Then, pictured above, in my bedroom is the Afaw Berber-inspired rug, also from La Redoute (seriously, their homeware game is pretty strong!) which I’ve also linked below.


Dressing Table & Fluffy Mongolian Stool

La Redoute hits it again with their dressing tables. I have had their Clairoy dresser previously for a couple of years, only to pass it on to my friend so that I could buy their Topim dressing table instead. They have a couple of other gorgeous options which I’ve linked to as well – they’re both chic, stylish, and also pretty small and streamlined so they fit nicely into smaller rental bedrooms without taking up too much space!

As for the stool, it’s a pink fluffy mongolian. The one I have doesn’t seem to be available online so heres’ some similar alternatives!

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  1. The Anthropologie mirror is gorgeous, it’s been on my wishlist for forever. I completely agree that sometimes you just can’t compromise on the price of pieces that will literally last you a lifetime!

    Jodie |