Finding Your Fitness Routine During Lockdown

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It’s a weird world we live in right now, and honestly, it can be difficult pulling out the positives when things feel a little bit of a mess. But if there is one thing which I think is actually incredibly amazing, it’s the surge in fitness I’m seeing across not just the country but the world. 

We have to stay home – and we’re accepting of doing what we have to do. But in the UK, we’re still lucky enough to be allowed outside to exercise and as a result, this privilege has encouraged so many people to pull on their trainers and get exercising outdoors – after all, if they don’t take up the opportunity then you gotta stay in… and we all want fresh air. 

I think lots of people panicked when lockdown started and gyms closed. Gyms are safe-havens for fitness fanatics. And for me, I’m someone who struggles to self-motivate without having someone tell her what to do so I thought I would struggle with the closure of Kobox classes. It’s so easy to fall into routine – especially at the gym – and things that may not work for us but we default to because it’s easy. But for us it’s forced us to think outside the box. I’ve been mixing things up a lot – but more on that later!

I know some people are terrified of entering gyms and classes – gymtimidation holding them back. I’ve been there before, and I found that working out at home and starting a routine inside my house was what gave me confidence to start going to gyms at the beginning of my fitness journey. And with this global situation, a positive side-effect is the people who are getting into fitness who before were lacking the confidence to step inside a gym. 

Look Good, Feel Good, Work Harder

We’re more likely to work harder if we feel our best. And this applies to fitness too – that’s why it’s important to have fitnesswear that makes you feel like you could do a minute of burpees without wanting to cry (even if you know, if you do a minute of burpess you might just cry. Because I’d cry…) It’s a confidence thing.

I’ve been a Fabletics ambassador since January – and it’s now pretty much the only brand I wear. As a petite gal, I find it hard to get sports bras that fit without having straps way too long, and Fabletics almost always have adjustable straps. Their leggings make you feel toned and sculpted before you’ve even done one squat. And pockets. POCKETS. There are so many pockets. And not just piddly pockets for your keys – but slimline side pockets you can put a whole big iPhone in… Which is perfect if you’re going on long walks, runs, or heading to your local park right now to break a sweat. 

The best way of shopping Fabletics is as a VIP member. You can save 30-50% each time you shop. Membership is free so long as you shop each month, or remember to skip the month by the 5th. If you forget, your card if charged £49 which is turned into credit on your Fabletics account, that you can use to spend on your next purchase with them. They also have amazing first-time offers like two pairs of leggings for £24 and I am telling you – I have spent £140 on pairs of leggings from high-end brands and nothing has compared to these. 

Where to Workout 

So you’ve got your kit – where do you workout? I love getting fresh air, and don’t have a usable garden, so I head to the park. That said, like I mentioned before, I did first get into fitness simply by training in my bedroom using dumbells and 20 minute HIIT sessions. If parks are safe and okay for you to exercise in, work out there for the sake of getting that unbeatable fresh air. People have said that you can only walk or run in UK parks but this isn’t completely true. Government guidelines are a little bit vague but after speaking to several members of the police force where I live and in other areas, they’ve confirmed so long as you’re clearly exercising and socially distancing and being sensible, there should be no reason for you to be told to go home. Of course, if you do get told by a police officer to go home please listen!

Workout buddies 

If you live with people then get them involved! It’s so much more working out with people! I live alone, so I don’t have anyone I can work out with under the guidelines. And even I lack a little bit of confidence sometimes when working out outside! So I workout with my boyfriend on video call – all the way from Australia. We take it in turns making up the session and what we’re going to do and it helps keep us motivated and accountable. 

What exercises to do? 

Now, this all depends on what you want and what you enjoy. For me, I hate running… So I do a mix of bodyweight, HIIT training, and resistance bands work. I’d suggest trying to get hold of a resistance band with handles and a set of resistance bands for doing leg workouts. I’ve been posting my workouts on the highlights of my Instagram page, but if you’re looking for some real inspiration, check out pages like @gemmatalbotfitness, @loucbarton and @nobsguide who post workouts that are accessible for all abilities. 

Finding a routine 

If you’re a newbie, keep reading. It can be hard to get a routine of when to workout, but I’d pace yourself if its your first foray into fitness. Start with three times a week – with one rest day between each training day. And I would personally try stick to the same time each day. For me, I’ve always preferred training before I start work. But find a time that works for you and your schedule and stick to it! On the “rest” days, go for a long super chilled walk and do some stretching. 

And Finally

Fitness shouldn’t be a chore. I know it can seem intimidating starting something, but focus on the journey and doing things you love rather than results! I always remind myself that our bodies are built for movement. We crave movement. And the endorphins ALWAYS make me feel better. So move your body. Find what you enjoy and do more of that – that is all that matters! 

My fabletics favourites. 

Ok ok so I’m asked this a lot, so I couldn’t not mention it… my ultimate favourite leggings are anything in the the Powerhold selection for their sculpting feel. They don’t slip and they hold me in and make me feel amazing even when I’m bloated af due on my period. Then there’s the trinity high-waist leggings. They have pockets for your phone and other bits as well as having the most incredible fit. The Petra seamless bra is my bae – it’s so smooth and comfortable, and is best for things like yoga and weights. For a higher impact bra, the Mila is great. It’s pocket at the back fits a whole big iPhone so it’s perfect for things like running and HIIT training.

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