The Weekly Need To Know: SPRING is coming! (I Think)

Honestly, I have been saying this since the start of March, even though March often brings snow here in the UK. But we have ONE WEEK LEFT until it’s April, and that means Spring will officially be here, kind of.

If I’m totally honest, this winter hasn’t been all that bad. I’m not sure if it was the crazy hot summer we had last year that made the winter feels almost like a bit of respite, or it simply softened the blow of the icy cold winds, but this winter really didn’t feel half as bad as the last one. It didn’t seem to last as long, I don’t remember feeling half as cold. Or maybe I just bought better quality coats – IDK.

This is one of the most exciting times of the year for me. I’m not sure what it is, but it’s almost like you’re holding your breath for the carefree days that come with summer, and the freedom it holds. It’s like, you know it’s coming, even if you still need to leave the house wearing a faux fur coat and a bobble hat when you head out for work in the morning.

Ok, maybe I am just getting excited because I’ve bought some nice spring outfits, and the blossom is out.

What I’m Reading / Listening To This Week

Ok, I’ve not really listened to anything mind blowing this week because I’ve still got Lany’s album on repeat. But in terms of reading, here’s a 10/10 great article for ya. Now I love Em Clarkson, so I am biased, but please read her blog post What Are You Meant To Do When Someone Says Something Shitty About You On The Internet. As social media grows, so does the darker sides and the dregs of online society trolling people. Now I’m going to tell you straight up: you may consider a troll to be someone who is abusive to someone on the internet, but in my eyes, as soon as you send a dm or comment something negative to someone, something you KNOW you wouldn’t like to be said to you, you are a troll. As soon as you say something and rob someone of their happiness, you are a troll. So yeah, I’m talking about everything from “you can’t talk about being authentic when half of your face is fake” messages to the “I really like you BUT I find you unrelatable because I’m a doctor and I don’t see how you can complain so much about YOUR job”. Call me sensitive, call me a snowflake. I don’t care. My mantra is and always will be don’t be a dick, and it may be old, but I think it stands so true in todays society “if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all” (thank u mum) But now it feels like people find the need to tell someone every intricate and unnecessary thought they have about you these days, so long as it’s delivered behind the security of an online profile as opposed to well, daring to say it to someones face. 

But Em so amazingly writes not only about how it feels to be on the receiving end of these messages and how she’s fed up of being told to “rise above it” and “grow a thicker skin” and not to “waste energy” on someone, but how she’s going to be dealing with it going forwards. We are told not to “fuel trolls”, and when I get nasty messages I tend to just block and delete because I don’t get too many, and I have got used to it to a degree. But I do reply to some. Whether it’s me explaining why their judgements of me are wrong and that I feel sorry for them having such a bad time they’re having to bring someone else down to feel better, or if it’s me saying “haha fuck off, you’re blocked you sad bitch” or even me pettily replying “no, YOU’RE ugly” when someone called me ugly (loooool) the truth is, sometimes it feels really good to reply. And actually, when I have replied to trolls (and not immediately blocked them after my sassy “end of conversation” comment), most people have apologised with “I didn’t think you’d see this!” and “I’ve had a bad day and I just took it out on you” or my favourite “I really never looked at it through that perspective, I’m sorry”. So I think when it comes to dealing with trolls, you honestly do you hun.

What I’m Loving This Week


What I’m Wearing Here 

Heh heh heh – taken my new Chloe Tess bag out in autumn brown for a spin. I’m in love. Pics by Fifi Newbury. 

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