Please Don’t Call Me Bitch.

I was asked dating advice during a Q&A on Instagram lately. Not a totally unusual thing (although it probably should be seeing as my dating life resembles a dry barren desert) They said that they wanted to “have high standards” like me, and that they were really bad at spotting red flags. I actually felt like, wow hun, that’s amazing that you think that I take zero shit from no guy, ever! But the truth is it’s taken me years, and many mistakes, to get to this point. I’ve kissed many frogs, toads, and trolls along the way. I’ve been a doormat. I’ve ignored so many red flags in my past I could have fashioned a whole runway collection out of them titled “Gaslighting”. But you learn from your mistakes. And that’s why I’m here now, very single, but taking no shit from people because well, I’ve been there, done that, got the t-shirt (part of my red flag collection obv) and I learnt a lot during my time at a university where Lad Culture and gaslighting behaviour prevailed, even if I’ve only just realised it in the past year or so.

But I want to talk about these things and make it a conversation topic so that it hopefully won’t take some of you as long as it did for me to realise my worth and to understand what is completely unacceptable behaviour, because when you have strong feelings for somebody, the lines between right and wrong can start to appear very blurred indeed.

Several years ago I was in a relationship with someone who spoke to me awfully all. of. the. time. He was never affectionate (unless he wanted sex) He would be really grabby and aggressive when drunk – pulling me towards him by the neck of my top – and then would pass it off as lust. In fact, him grabbing my clothes and pulling me towards him on a night out was about as affectionate as it got (and that was only something he’d do if he got annoyed at me talking to his friends for too long.) He spoke down to me. He made me question my sanity whenever I’d call him out on his shitty behaviour, making me feel like I deserved him to treat me that way, and that it was an acceptable level of behaviour to expect. And when he drank he would call me “bitch” – like he was Chris Brown and I was some random hoe in one of the shitty songs he sings.

“Hey bitch! Come here bitch!” – it was normal, but I hated it, and protested every time. At an afterparty at my house he called me bitch again in front of everyone and I remember desperately asking him “please, please don’t call me bitch. It’s so disrespectful” and his response was “fucking hell you can’t take no banter can you. It’s a JOKE!”. In hindsight, I see it was all a vile symptom of Lad Culture that was habitual at the university I went to.

Another example was my last night out at uni. It was a big one. What better way to celebrate the end of an era than to have a friend tell me that my boyfriend had tried to get her number when he was drunk!  Wait, what?

Yeah, I was humiliated. And I was pissed. So I confronted him in the VIP area of the club (where all of the good drama occurs)  and he denied it all, calling me a “fucking stupid psycho jealous bitch” – and he stormed off and wouldn’t answer his calls. So obviously, I went home and cried until my fake lashes slid onto my cheeks because I was so gutted I had let a total arsehole ruin my last ever night out at university. I’m still considering invoicing him for the amount of eyelure lashes that I went through during our relationship because that was one hell of a strain on my student loan.

But that night it doesn’t stop there, no. I lived in one of those houses where the afterparty always happened and people were always being let in at all hours, so even though I went home and locked my bedroom door, it wasn’t long until he showed up banging on my door “oi let me in”

I made no noise under my duvet – I didn’t want him to think I was there.



He somehow got in despite the door being locked (cheap uni houses though, am I surprised?) demanded what my problem was, said I was pathetic (I heard that a lot), said I was being a crazy psycho (and that one), and then kept trying to repeatedly take my clothes off and have sex with me. I nearly submitted to it because even though I was so fucking hurt by the way he had been, I was so low I desperately wanted some form of affection from him. I was confused and hurt – how could he treat me so badly? I needed some sign he cared that even his vile physical touch felt like something. It still felt so wrong, so I repeatedly asked him to leave. He wouldn’t. I told him he had to stay on the floor, and he did, until I woke up to him trying to stick his boner in my back whilst I was asleep. Total pig.

Possibly one of the most memorable cases was at a dinner at GBK. If anyone could ruin a burger date for me, it was him. Sitting there, mid-convo about whatever had been going on at uni that day, he has his hand around his glass of water and says deadpan, staring me in the eyes, “I want to smash this fucking glass over your fucking face”. No, seriously, he said that. It’s bad enough being interrupted mid-sentence, but to be interrupted by THAT. It takes the biscuit. Well, burger. A mix of emotions poured over me like boiling water, but it was a meld shame and confusion that burnt me the most. Why would he ruin a nice dinner by saying something like that? Is he actually joking, or does he want to actually do that to me? If it’s a joke, why would that ever be funny? What did I do to deserve that? Do I deserve this? I literally don’t know to this day. It still makes no sense to me.

I got up to leave and started crying, and after he followed me, he called me “too fucking sensitive” and pathetic (again) for my reaction and causing a scene, and my inability to find his “joke” funny. Because you know, women are meant to sit and laugh at men’s jokes! Even if they’re not funny and are actually really scary and threatening!

And you know what, I was actually really fucking scared.

I knew none of it was right, but so regularly he made me feel like this was normal. It’s like he made me feel so worthless that even if I was right to be mad at him and we’d argue about it, I would be the one trying to make peace because I was scared to lose him. I know some of you reading this will have been there, and I know others will be seeing things perhaps clearly for the first time: that the way you are being treated by your significant other isn’t normal or ok. I’ve been told by people that it’s a perfect example of gaslighting. But this kind of behaviour didn’t have a name like that back then. Or at least, nobody spoke out about it openly like we do now. Like I’m doing now after all of this time.

Relationships are never easy. You have rough times. People are not perfect. But there’s a line between banter and having a laugh, and then saying things that are actually hurtful and disguising it as a “joke” – this is why it gives me a migraine every time I see a man on a dating app who’s written that they get on best with women that “don’t take themselves too seriously” and can “take a joke” because it reminds me of him and how he made me feel. And how unfunny I was for not laughing at the fact he wanted to smash a glass over my face. Like, omg LOLs. I am SO boring!

It’s taken me six years to really look and see this for what it truly is. Six years of emotion I buried because it was so normalised at the time. And even now, I’m re-reading and considering not posting because I feel like he made my feelings so invalid, I am STILL questioning whether I am just being “too sensitive” – this shit stays with you, and I suppose writing this has been a healing process.

You might think that someone would have stepped in and said and done something, and my friends definitely did. But I’d always go crawling back there and they’d catch me being dropped off by him late at night. I was very insecure back then, and he played on that. Plus, we all know we have to learn from our own mistakes. And as much as I loved the three years I spent at university, the culture there was actually very toxic. Lad culture reigned supreme, and it meant that sexual harassment, and in some cases, even assault, were laughed off not only by the guys but also by us girls. In light of the #MeToo movement and people speaking out more openly, especially when it comes to the topic of consent, my friends and I have realised the severity of some of the things that happened back then that to us just seemed “normal” because that kind of culture normalised it all. I’d never advocate anyone staying in relationships like this. Ever. It’s one of the reasons why I’m writing this post now! But if I can take a positive, it’s experiences like these that have made me learn what kind of behaviour I will never accept from anyone again. It’s pushed my standards higher because I know I deserve better. That’s why after six years (and the extra months that this post has been sitting in my drafts for) I finally felt like I should publish this, in hope that it may help others to identify toxicity and red flags, and #dumphim, block his number, or do what I did, throw a bowl of fake vomit over his car in the middle of the night.

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  1. This really hit home. I’ve been called bitch and “psycho” a lot by boys in the past – I absolutely hate both words. Boys use it as a shitty way to make them feel bigger and better than you. I think it’s so great that you’ve written this, it must have taken a lot of courage and I’m sure it will help many girls who are going through/have been through something similar. I’m so lucky now that I have a wonderful boyfriend who would never call me either of those things. xx

    Jessie |

  2. You are so amazing and so inspiring! I relate to your posts so much. Being a 29 year old and single for 6 years with dating lots of frogs in between, dates thy have spiralled out of control getting myself in situations I should NEVER have been in.
    I feel I read this and it’s like something I have been apart of once in my life! Lad culture sucks – guys thinking it’s okay to talk down and speak like crap to you, hunnie you hold that head high and walk tall like the beautiful sass queen you are ❤️
    We don’t need men to define us – your doing an awesome job doing just you boo xx

  3. You are not oversensitive, and he has serious issue! He was abusive, and women everywhere, including you, need to know that this is abuse. The part that resonates the most to me is this: “there’s a line between banter and having a laugh, and then saying things that are actually hurtful and disguising it as a ‘joke'” because we all too often assume that we are ‘too sensitive’ and try to laugh when what we really need to do is understand that it isn’t us, it’s him. I’ve been there, too, and I made it out, too, with all of the same feelings afterward for a long time. *hugs*

  4. Thank you so much for posting this Sophie! I feel like I was in a similar situation at one point, and it is true you really cant see how bad it is, or how much it has affected you until you are out.Love your work x

  5. You were not being over sensitive, a psycho crazy jealous bitch or any of the other ridiculous things he called you. He was being a colossal pig, jerk, creep (and a million other names too!) I’m so glad you found the strength to write and post this as not many will despite going through the same thing. All women and probably a lot of men need to be aware that this behaviour is as bad as out and out physical violence and there should be more done to stop it.

  6. Some guys just feel they’re entitled to woman’s politeness no matter what and when you don’t take their bullshit anymore, you’re just labeled as too sensitive/hysterical/bitch who lacks sense of humour. I think that most of us have experienced this at some point and it fucking sucks. Because those aren’t just relationships. It’s dating in general. I’ve met plenty of guys who wanted to get laid and then told me that it was “just a joke” when I wasn’t interested. Or guys who treated me like shit and then called me “too sensitive”. Or guys who were questioning my career and intelligence and then said that I “take it too seriously”.

  7. This is just horrible, what gives someone the right to treat any human being like this. Makes me mad and the worst of it is he could be doing this again, sounds like he needs locking up! You seem like a really sweet girl, I love watching your videos and reading your posts. 💕

  8. I consider myself pretty independent and I like to think I’d stand up for myself if something ever happened but deep down I have no clue if I actually would. I’ve never been in a relationship and I’m scared that if I ever do fall in love that something like what happened to you will happen to me and I won’t do anything to stop it. I think it’s so important to talk about these things to make people realize possible dangerous situations that only by seeing it from an outside perspective can see the seriousness of the situation. I’m happy you got rid of that asshole and trust me, you weren’t being too sensitive, the things he’d say to you are not okay, he was probably a very troubled and insecure person and I hope that since then he eventually realized he needed to change but if he hasn’t then I feel sorry for anyone that crossed paths with him.

  9. Well done you for sharing your experience so honestly! I think if you care about someone, you modify any behaviour that makes them upset or uncomfortable – even if meant in jest. (Though this guy sounds like he had issues). If you really like someone, you just want to make them happy! Steph x

  10. Sophie, you are incredible ❤️ Thank you for writing this, I needed to read this tonight xxx

  11. You are amazing and very brave! Glad you dumped that loser ! You will find someone better who actually deserves you x

  12. I spent six years with a man like that and since leaving him I have always looked back at myself in disgust for being so “weak”. Thank you for showing me that a strong woman who I admire has also been there and that I should look back at it all as a lesson. You mentioned this blog post felt like part of the ‘healing process’, well reading it has felt like part of my healing process. Thank you for this Sophie x

  13. I am truly amazed by your story. I am surprised that this guy lasted past first date. There are many men out there that want a woman with self respect who will stand for NO shit like that off any human being. It makes the woman much more attractive. If more of you gals were zero tolerant of that kind of behaviour then a lot of these animals would go back to mumsy and give the decent guys a better playing field and happier women too. Then again the mums would not stand for their behaviour either LOL.