The Weekly Need To Know: Will Insta Kill Christmas? And Being Petty.


Hello! It’s the weekly need to know – with everything from christmas, to me being a petty little wench, and everything on the high st and beyond that I want to commit an armed robbery to obtain.


Will Instagram Kill Christmas?

Who loves Christmas? I absolutely do. Sure, I find Christmas day a little boring and tedious if I’m honest (I just hate that there’s nowhere to go for a decent coffee) but the lead up? I live for it. I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t already started playing Christmas songs (first Spotify play date: 24th November – Judge me!) and I’ll admit, the pressure to capture those perfect festive London IG shots have been all too real. It’s a little weird really – you see the shots popping up of the iconic London christmassy locations – Somerset house, Annabels, The Natural History Museum – and I won’t lie, I felt the pressure to go take some cute pics there before they become too overdone and cliche. What. Is. My. Life. The pressure so real that I felt like Instagram might even kill Christmas this year. Because what happens when we get to the 7th December and everyone is so bored of seeing festive London shots? I pray all of you are festive elves like me and will NEVER get bored of seeing the city decked up like this (because come on, let’s be real, in January it’s going to be grey and miserable with not a tiny bit of tinsel to cheer things up until the warmer months come through April…)

I’m So Petty & Love Games.

There’s a meme somewhere that goes along the lines of  “don’t text me back for 5 hours? Fine. I won’t text you back for 5 hours and 1 minute – I’m THAT petty.” And I feel it. I really do. As someone who raves about being honest and open to others about your emotions, and how I don’t care for “playing it cool” – I certainly like a petty game. This week I didn’t text a guy back simply because he didn’t reply to me for a whole day. But why? Why so petty? A lot of the time I don’t text back because I just don’t care. Cba. Thank u, next. But this time, I’ll admit, I didn’t message back because if I did, I’d have felt as though I was constantly checking and waiting for their response. And if they never replied to me I’d feel stupid. If this makes any sense! History with someone will do that to you. Or feelings. Yuck. It’ll make you overanalyse shit. There’s always a few people that make you feel this way and it’s annoying.

I know I shouldn’t do it – and it’s got me into some stupid situations before. Once I bumped into a guy on a night out that I’d dated a few times and I drunkenly asked him why he slipped off radar, to which he replied “oh I didn’t ask you out again because you didn’t text me back?” – It seems so painfully obvious now, but when you’re in your own head analysing how someone feels, sometimes it feels like you’re being the stronger and more powerful person by just not texting back. “If they really like me they’ll text again!!” – you think. And then they don’t double text. And you feel rejected. Even though technically YOU didn’t text THEM back. In the days of Tinder and Hinge, when the next hookup is just another swipe away, double texting can be a rare thing. They can find a replacement very quickly.

When will I learn?

Everything that I Love right now

Here’s a new and exciting feature of all of the items of clothing I want to get married to, or at least have an open relationship with, without meaning to sound weird.




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  1. LOVE that you have mentioned the pressure to create Christmas content!! I feel the same and always put way to much pressure on myself to find unique festive spots- but I think we just need to chill and enjoy the decorations while they last

    Ellie xx