The Only Gifts I Want Under My Tree This Year

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This has to be the worst kept secret in gifting, but when it comes to presents, Missoma will never fail to hit the mark. I’m not sure what your techniques for buying are – buy early and get your presents stocked up and ready, or, leave it all to the last minute within days of the deadline (I know what mine is…) but I’ve never failed to pick the perfect present from this jewellery label. I always talk about my mum and how she sees me wearing something and will go out and buy it straight away – proof that I’m truly nailing this #influencer malarky for at least one person! And it was the same with Missoma. She first saw me wearing the dainty little S initial necklace, and despite usually hating necklaces because they irritate her neck, she ended up buying into (well, being gifted into) the cult of Missoma one necklace at a time. Now not an IG story goes by without her sliding into my DM’s to ask “is that Missoma? Do you have the link?” – seriously.

my everyday Missoma pieces

That’s one of the great things about the brand – anyone can wear it. My mum is 57. I’m 27. I see younger girls wearing gold medallion necklaces. I was at my university reunion last weekend and my friend pointed out that every single one of us had some form of gold circular coin necklace suspended from our necks. Some of them weren’t Missoma, but I’m calling it by saying this brand lead the trend for mainstreaming and popularising the yellowest of yellow gold jewellery and layering pieces that were sure to inspire my friends’ choices.  It’s always an easy suggestion to throw into the group chat when you see the notification “right girls any ideas what we can get X for her birthday?” too because NOBODY can ever be disappointed with gorgeous jewellery. Plus right now if you spend over £150 you get a free set of shooting star earrings!


There’s so many different collections – Geo, Lucy Williams’ traveller-esque roman-inspired piecesAztec (I loved this collection during summer) Amulet – so do you pick your vibe and stick to that one collection? I don’t really. I love putting a ring pulled from the geo collection with necklaces from the cosmic collection, and Lucy Willams’ necklaces.

Also, they make jewellery for dudes now! So if you’re currently in the process of turning your average-dressing bf into a v trendy, fully-fledged Instagram Husband (and Instagram-worthy bae – cannot have him cramping your style now can we) then they have a collection pieces cast in a more masculine colour.

Under £50 picks for best gal pals and sisters

£50-£100 – for those pieces you all clubbed in together to treat your mate who’s birthday is on Christmas Eve

£100+ – for dropping hints at your dumb boyfriend who never gets your hints

Make It Personal – things you can engrave for a more personal touch.

If You Prefer Silver


To Keep It All Tidy

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