Travelling In Style And The Joys Of Fancy Luggage

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Do you have a few random things in life that when you’ve achieved it you know that you’ve made it? My friends is an aga oven in her kitchen. Another friends was when she can afford to fly business class everywhere (she’s still some way off that one, but dream big girl!) and what about mine? Fancy luggage. You know, the stuff that matches. Looks glamorous. The kind of thing that wouldn’t look out of place being held by a super model or a Kardashian being papped leaving an airport. Or, well, being held by her security guard/ assistant, at least.

And I guess this must mean I have made it! Can we take a moment to appreciate the slickness of this set? Lipault have collaborated with Jean Paul Gaultier to create this capsule collection of bags, suitcases and holdalls – covering all bases. I opted for the smaller suitcase to suit all my carry-on needs, as well as the holdall for when I don’t want to be wheeling my goods about and would rather sling them on my shoulder.

It’s a 12-piece collection that comes in burgundy or black, and it was inspired by the iconic brassiere corset worn by Madonna in the 80s. Think pinstripes – but with the kind of class and style of a stalwart French fashion house as opposed to a city slicker banker in a suit. You can get 20% off the Lipault x JPG collection in stores with the code #JPG20 too!

It’s the small things that can make the big differences. Who ever knew that the right luggage can make you feel so much like you have your shit together? It’s the same as always having a manicure done – things just feel right. Travel is sold to us as being this glamorous thing. All jet-setting across the globe, flights, Eurostar trips and high-speed trains. But the reality? It’s not always so great. It can be tiresome and there can be delays – but at least you can still feel sleek and stylish when you’re on the go.

Now maybe I just need the business class flights to match too now…

Check out the full collection here!

Lipault has recently landed on the streets of London with four stores dotted across the capital – you can find them on South Molton Street, Marylebone, Hampstead and Kingston!

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