A Week of New Adventures

This blog post is sponsored and created in collaboration with Say Aloe

Remember my post the other week about how to add more adventure into your life, along with some additional tips on the best ways to do it? To summarise super quickly: it’s not about jumping out of a plane or floating yourself down the rapids in a little canoe. It can be the small things that make a big difference to your every day life and help change perspective, making it all way more exciting – you can read the full original post here if you like! In collaboration Say Aloe, I took on board their 8 tips for a weeks worth of introducing a little more adventure into my life. Say Aloe is the new aloe vera drink – it’s ultra hydrating, full of vitamin c, comes in 3 fruity flavours, and you can grab it at most of your favourite supermarkets.

I started by simply redefining success – and for me was easy. Simply take away the white-knuckle reputation that all so often comes with the word adventure and simply take baby steps.

Escape routine: Monday is often admin day so instead of staying in by my desk for lunch and doing emails, I head to the park to chill and relax that way instead.

Rise and shine: Tuesday oh boy oh boy, remember I told you about the days I used to wake up at 5:30am and I was always SO productive? Well, I tried it again and I got so much work done before I would even usually have got out of bed. Invoices sent, meals for the day prepped – honestly, I felt like I was nailing it all. It’s honestly amazing how much you can get done if you set your alarm that bit earlier. Sure, waking up is hard (and yes, ok, I snoozed the alarm twice) but your body quickly adjusts and wakes itself up.

Seek Knowledge: I GOT UP AT 5:30am AGAIN TODAY! Ok total lie. I got up at 6:15 but still. One gym class down and I decided for the sake of research, I’d get myself into reading a book which will enlighten me on the very subject I work within: social media. Irresistible – the Rise of Addictive Technology and the Business of Keeping Us Hooked by Adam Alter has been sitting on my bookshelf ashamedly for a very long time. I usually love to unwind with a fiction novel, but I thought let’s try something new (adventures, wheyyy!) and sink my teeth into a non-fiction book which is so totally relevant to what I’m doing. I’d highly recommend it to anyone in the business of social media.

Refresh your perspective: So here we are Thursday! This one is all about trying something different to give a new perspective and whilst I kind of think I killed two birds with one stone with yesterday’s new little adventure, I thought let’s do something extra different today. I made it easy. I watched a Sci-Fi film. Not my usual vibe – but I had my first real taste of Star Wars and yeah, it’s pretty decent!

Unearth Your Talents: Friday! The weekend hath cometh. I hate trying new things that I might not be good at but I did actually force myself to put down the boxing gloves from my beloved Kobox class and seek out a barrecore class instead. I have the coordination of a blindfolded pigeon, so it was a little bit difficult. I was definitely the worst in class and I can’t claim that I have unearthed a “talent” per se, but at least I tried right?! Back to boxing I go…

Put Yourself Forward: It was Saturday. We were drinking in the park having a good time when the suggestion of heading to a bar instead was thrown about. Usually I’d go with the flow and let someone make the executive decision – if it’s rubbish and without a vibe, at least I won’t have to take the blame! This time, I threw out the idea of this cute cocktail place that I thought could potentially be relatively empty was there was football on and bingo, snaps for me for showing everyone this cool new place!

Create Something: I’ve been meaning to get more into film photography after seeing some of my other favourite bloggers doing it. In a digitally-obsessed world where ANYONE can take a killer shot with an iPhone and edit into a piece of art, there’s something so much more creative and special about picking up a camera and snapping away. I bought an old Canon AE5 a few weeks back so finally loaded it up with film to try it out. For someone who grew up almost entirely with digital photography, it’s odd taking a photograph and having NO idea what it’s going to look like until you get the film developed. I’m still waiting to use that reel of film so tbc on how it turns out…

Sot there you have it! A week of small but meaningful adventures. It’s crazy how just changing things up can bring you to a slightly new place and give you a bit of a feel-good boost. I find it can be all to easy to fall into a routine with things – and half of the time you don’t realise you’re doing it. But shaking things up can really help add a little more excitement into your life. And like I said, it really doesn’t have to be about jumping out of a plane! The smallest things can make the biggest differences.


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This post was sponsored by Say Aloe

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  1. As usual, I love this post. Also, It is totally important to do all the things you mentioned, I have decided to make this year an adventurous one and i’m glad i’m not the only one doing it 🙂