Escaping The Everyday with Chloé Nomade


What kind of woman are you?

It’s a question we all tend to get a little stuck on – throughout our teen years, changing from being a girl, to a woman (although I still feel like a girl part of the time – call it Peter Pan syndrome? I’m not sure…) but we’re always trying to identify who we are. I’m doing it more now I’m in my mid-twenties than ever. We experiment with styles, attitudes, makeup and beauty looks to truly be able to express what we feel on the inside, with how we look on the outside. And when it comes to finding a personal style and aesthetic that really connects with who I truly feel that I am, it comes down to the designer Chloé, and the Chloé girl – if only I had the bank account to go with it!

Chloé has long been one of my favourite designers – and when I think of the ideal Chloé girl, it rings true to something I feel I hugely connect with: unapologetically girly and feminine, with a hint of a rebellious streak. The kind of girl that loves to explore and travel, but one that’s uncompromising in how she does it (I want to see the world, I want to see culture, I want to see so many things… but I’d also quite like to take a very nice wardrobe with me and go back to sleep in the comfort of a 5* hotel every night…)


Chloé Nomade is a scent that captures the desire to escape, alongside a touch of wanderlust. Escaping is something which means so many things to so many different people – but it’s just another strange need that I’ve felt time and time again. I was always desperate to escape the small town that I grew up in. It was stifling, miserable, with practically zero opportunities and I’d watched far too many episodes of Sex and the City to feel I could ever live a satisfied life there. I rarely settled for long before wanting to explore somewhere new, and now that I finally feel that London is my home and I love it so dearly, I can’t go too long before wanting to book a flight somewhere just to feel something different. There’s few questions I dread more than “what’s on your travel bucket list?” because I just don’t want to bore everyone with the endless names of cities and countries. But you do begin to gain a little bit of freedom.

Now, I’ve got to digress a little bit here and say that travel is still most definitely a luxury – never let anyone’s #goals Instagram travel photos let you think otherwise and never feel bad that you might not be in a position to do so. I never got the opportunity to travel growing up (think caravan holidays by the seaside…) and it’s something that I’ve only really been able to afford to do the past couple of years – and that’s mostly because I’m never going to be able to afford to buy a house in this city anyway so I may as well spend my money on something that feeds my soul more (not to mention, a house would just create roots and it’s kind of difficult to escape a mortgage…)

And even if I can’t escape this city, there’s always places that borrow elements of far away lands that you can delve into just to pretend. To shoot this campaign for Chloé x Debenhams, we explored the Palm House of Kew Gardens which recreates a rainforest climate and has different palms and trees from places far more exotic than London could ever be. And with spring/ summer on the horizon, I am praying it offers up more of an opportunity to put your favourite new spring dresses on, like this beauty from Studio by Preen, pack your suitcase and head out away on an adventure.


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