Spring Style Is Here (FINALLY!)

Can we all do a collective sigh of relief please? After months, and months and months (and what feels like years, if we’re being honest) it has been freezing, snowing, cold, windy, and let’s not forget that time recently where it rained for a whole week solidly. All of the Spring collections we’ve been eyeing up in store and online have remained in our virtual baskets, waiting for the first ray of sunshine to melt our ice cold grips on our wallets and release the funds we had reserved for sunny day clothes. And we are here. We have arrived! And we’re all ready to let go of the old and be in with the new trends. There’s so many trends you can pick up on for spring, but I’ve pulled together a few via House of Fraser in this outfit. But back to the other trends – you’ve got the eternal fair-weather love affair with florals, checked pieces (think blazers, skirts and trousers) and denim in the form of more than just your everyday jeans. There’s so many brands to choose from, like high street favourites French connection, to others like Issa, Biba, and Linea.

80s Logomania

80s have been big news the past few seasons on the catwalks, whilst on the ‘gram, Tommy Hilfiger pieces have been making a comeback in the form of logo T-shirts, sweatshirts, and other playful pieces. So it’s clear – Logomania is back. House of Fraser had so many slogan/ logo T-shirts to choose from (I was itching to get a seriously 80’s Levi’s one with acid bright pastels) but I opted for this simpler Tommy Hilfiger one instead as I felt it perfectly complemented this playful Tommy skirt. I’ve always loved juxtaposing cute flippy skirts with a bolder tee, but these work so perfectly it was almost as though they were made for each other (well, they are both Tommy after all…)


Soft Utility

Utility styling – and not in a plumber/ handyman kind of way (that’s possibly way too Vetements) – is another trend that’s got to be high on your checklist this season. French Connection have it nailed, very easily, with this jacket. Or shacket – if you’re that way inclined (the fashion industry loves a hybrid, and this piece perfectly blurs the line of a shirt and a jacket. But hey let’s stick with jacket shall we?) It’s a fairly androgynous piece with a “borrowed from my very stylish and cool boyfriend” vibe about it, and the trend, in general, echoes menswear pieces. But it all comes down to the styling. Pair it with a breton top, jeans and trainers and you’ve got a very low-key vibe, or you can let it add a masculine edge to a pretty floral dress (a look which screams Glasto – just saying…)



If you invest in one pair of shoes this spring (ha ha ha sorry, it was hard for even me to write that because let’s face it, we’re all going to invest in more than one pair…) but if it had to be one, it would be the espadrille. Choose a wedge, for leg-lengthening effect. They’re honestly the easiest shoes to walk in thanks to the spongey wedge heel cushioning each step – no spindly kitten heels being caught in a step or clunky block heels stomping on the hard concrete here! This colour-pop Miss KG pair are the perfect offset to the navies, and then dial up the tones in tee and skirt combo.

Check out some other key spring pieces below


This post was created in association with House of Fraser and Shop Style.

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