Your Ultimate Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mothers before Mother’s Day are just how girlfriends are to their boyfriends just before valentine day.

No Darling, honestly, I don’t need anything. Don’t worry about getting me a present and wasting your money, I really don’t need anything at all. It would just be nice to see you. 

But if you have the audacity to take their words as gospel, and show up without any gift or flowers, then you’ll be faced with that awful wave of anger/ disappointment that you received every time you got too drunk and threw up in the kitchen sink.

Luckily, as we’re predominantly females here, and we have all been in the girlfriend version of this situation before, we know all too well that our mum’s will be less than impressed if we show up sans present. So I’ve compiled a little gift guide of the best things on Etsy that you can pick out for your mum this Mother’s Day.

Mums are tricky. Life was so much easier when you were a kid. You just make something at school – like a set of clay coasters, or a painted portrait of your mother that resembles a less-than flattering Van Gogh classic – and she just beams at you on receipt of the gift, because she can’t bear to break your tiny little child soul and tell you that all of your hard work and love has produced a hideous present. That’s unconditional love. But as you get a bit older, you start buying her favourite skincare products. It’s all well and good until buying those three times a year (Christmas, Birthday, and Mother’s Day) makes you look both predictable and a little unthoughtful.

So then you hit your twenties and realise there has to be more to Mother’s Day gifting. And there is – so much more. Etsy is a marketplace full of so many special and thoughtful presents. If there’s something random and niche that your mum likes, they will most certainly have it somewhere. You can get special handcrafted jewellery and homeware items, painted portraits and illustrations which put your childhood originals to pure shame, and beauty gifts that she can’t pick up on a 3-for-2 offer herself. Have a little scroll through my Mother’s Day gift edit to see what my favourite pieces are for the most special lady in your life, or check out Etsy’s dedicated page to find the perfect present for your mum!

This post was created in collaboration with Etsy and rewardStyle

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  1. Hi Sophie,
    very lovely impressions of you, your flat and your ideas for mother's day. In Germany mother's day is in the middle of May, so we still have some time for finding the perfect present ❤
    xoxo Janina

  2. So helpful! Absolutely clueless when it comes to gifts!