3 Reasons Why Denim Is Your Best Friend

This post was created in collaboration with New Look

Jeans – they’re the sartorial equivalent of the love of your life. Reliable. Trustworthy. Always there on a rainy day and has your back (or bum) when you’re struggling to think of an outfit to wear. The kind of love that if you ever give up on, you’ll spend your rest of your life pining after it wondering what went wrong and regretting the mistakes you made. Jeans work for everyone – anyone at any age can put on a pair and won’t feel too young or too old, all depending on the cut you go for. They work for almost all occasions when styled correctly. They provide the ultimate foundation from day-to-night outfits (as the saying goes, are you really a girl if you don’t tell people you’re going to wear jeans and a nice top?) And with spring approaching (hell, no way near fast enough) they provide the perfect go-to for transitioning into warmer months.

Who even needs any other items of clothing in your wardrobe when you’ve got a solid collection of jeans and some nice tops? I’m not going to pretend this is a post about 3 new ways to wear denim as I’m not nearly adventurous for that. For me, the whole point of denim is that it’s effortless and fits into your wardrobe. You wear it because you know it looks good and you don’t have to even think about trying to make it look good. For spring, my uniform is going to be all about slogan T-shirts and jeans – a totally Instagram-friendly combo that couldn’t feel more me. So here’s me styling up my 3 favourite styles for Spring in association with New Look. 

The Cropped Kick Flare 

I remember when I wore my first pair of “ankle grazer” jeans – I was in my first year of university and my girl friends all laughed and asked why my jeans were so short. As the saying goes, first they laugh, then they copy. Of course now it’s so normal to see jeans cropped a few inches. But when cropped flares came in, they seemed like the ultimate man-repelling jeans. I wanted IN. Retro, cute, and a different silhouette to your classic skinny jeans, they’re perfect for showing off a statement shoe.

The Skinny 

I really went off skinny jeans in 2016-2017. We were done – over! But hey, how we all come crawling back. But like any good relationship, you’re not going to go back to them unless it’s really worth it. They have to be special. You need to realise you can’t quite live without whatever they give you. And this particular New Look pair are crafted with a lift and sculpt affect to give you a perky peachy bum and hold you in in all of the right places. So how could I not go back to skinny jeans? Not to mention their washed black colourway carries off a grungy Debbie Harry x Kate Moss vibe that I don’t naturally have – and I’ll happily take on anything to give me a rock n roll edge.


Mom jeans. MOOOOMMMM. It has to be said just like that – several decibels louder and a few seconds longer than your usual way of speaking, and of course, in a typical sitcom-ready American accent. There is no other way. Mum jeans sounds so, well, mumsy. And saying the word Mom in a British accent sounds more like you’re imitating a fish in a tank in the waiting room of your doctors.

So anyway, mooommmmm jeans – the fantastically cool 90’s inspired pair that I honestly believe work so well on so many different body shapes for their semi-relaxed silhouette. I have New Look’s Tori jeans in several colours, but harking back to the true heart of denim, I opted to style up this seriously indigo pair.

Check out the whole New Look denim range here!

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