My Honest Thoughts On Becoming an “Instagrammer” rather than a Blogger

It didn’t take long for me to fail one of my New Years goals/ resolutions. Blog twice a week. It didn’t take long at all – in fact, I think I failed in the second week. All of you who hate on goals and resolutions will be smugly smirking a knowing look of “I told you so”, and yes you probably totally mentally did! But at least I’m keeping up on one of them – seizing moments of inspiration more readily. Because I’m sat right writing this on the tube, in the notes of my phone, inspired by the pang of guilt that I have already failed so miserably at the start of the year. I am a cliche, I have no shame (okay, I have a little shame.)

Another goal I’m not failing at – stop letting my perfectionism get in the way. No, this post isn’t totally gripping! It’s not a meaty and juicy read. But it’s relevant. And it’s honest – and that counts for something.

I’m going to tell you why I failed at that one resolution – to blog twice a week – I’m trying to invest my time in the things which are showing the biggest amount of progress for me. And right now that’s Instagram. I feel incredibly lucky that I’m doing well but there are some small tactics and there is a bit strategy: I’m super consistent – posting twice a day – and only post photos that are taken on a phone because apparently the algorithm prioritises these images in your followers news feeds. But I’m spending my time shooting this content for my Instagram – and editing it and feed-planning – rather than writing. And then, because I’m not taking professional camera photos for my blog, when I do have an inspired thought and think girl I’m carpeing that diem and writing that blog post, I don’t have any images to accompany them! Plus, I always assume everything takes so much quicker than it does!

We’re in this current atmosphere where blogs are a little bit in flux. Michelle from Beauty And The Blog did an Instagram poll on how many of her followers still read blogs and I was surprised by the outcome. Around 70% said no. Of course, everyone’s audiences are different, but it had me wondering why so low? And I guess, the truth is, why come to a fashion or beauty blog when realistically, you can get that content so much quicker and easier on Instagram? And consume way more from a tonne of other influencers as well in a much shorter timeframe?

I feel like you need to give more on your blog to pull people in these days – something, that personally, I am so very fine with. I can write and write and write about anything (so long as I have the time…) And I want to give more but I’m struggling with keeping it up, alongside my Instagram, YouTube, and a podcast (which I don’t even edit as I just wouldn’t have the time – thank you Millie you are a saint!). meatier topics, more personality which is great as that’s what I prefer.

I don’t want to be just an “Instagrammer” because I am first and foremost a writer. And without intending to cause any offence, I feel that I have more to say and offer than simply “I love my new coat!” (Although I obv do love my new coat – it’s bubblegum pink, has a 60’s silhouette and is made out of teddy fabric) I want to inspire people – not just with fashion choices, which is easily done on Instagram – but with topics that I talk and write about. Meatier subjects. Things that might make you think differently or think oh my god me too thank god I’m not the only other weirdo who does that! Things that will make you laugh. And things that will allow you to get to know me more, and in turn maybe get to understand yourselves in this weird fucked up world we’re living in a little better too.

What worries me is that by neglecting my blog, I’ll lose the strong sense of voice that I have on here in favour of a watered down version of myself on Instagram. But I am trying to combat this. I’m trying to use lengthier captions to micro-blog so at least if I’m making the most of this growth spurt on the gram, I’m going to do it with my personality too.

Long captions, quite frankly, used to be for losers and attention seekers. Harsh, I know *inserts shrug emoji* – But I remember seeing Imogen from Imogenation writing long, essay-style captions that were literally dripping in sass and personality. That girl has a great personality. A huge personality – it’s hard to ignore! What it demonstrated, though, was a perfect use of being able to show it off. And I began to see more and more people do it which made me think hey, this whole long caption thing is totally socially accepted now. Short, snappy, witty captions used to be the thing. And I think they totally still have their place and power. But when it comes to conveying yourself, your points of view, and creating an engaged audience on Instagram, it’s a case where the longer and more fun-filled, the better.

Here’s to scrapping another one of my resolutions – I’m going to skip the gym today and treat myself to some cake. Hows about that?

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  1. God I feel you!
    I'm really "bad" at my blogging game because I just enjoy it more when there is a topic I reeally want to talk about rather then making something up to go along outfit pictures .. and also I just want to put content out there that I feel 100% and that sometimes takes time and it has to "feel right" and honest. Also I'm really bad at reading blogs and I found myself rushing trough this one again, almost not finishing it as there is "something more important to do" again.. smh. The world has made us to be fast consumers trying to get as much content in in as little time as possible and I fall victim for that and I hate it. I really enjoyed reading this and will follow your blog now, not just your instagram!! as I am looking for just that, those "meatier" topics actually. We just need to learn to take some time out of the day to do what we really want to do but keep postponing in favour of "quick fixes".
    Lots of love,
    Lea xx

  2. This, this so much. This year I've been focusing so much more on my instagram that it's really affecting the way I write on my blog – in the sense that I think more about the pictures than the content. It's such a bad habit! I really should knuckle down and go back to basics and write posts first before I think about the photos… So good luck to the both of us!

    And have fun eating your cake tehe!

    Lizzie Bee // Hello Lizzie Bee

  3. This has been on my mind a lot recently, I often catch myself wondering why I bother paying for a domain, shooting, editing and writing posts when I could just do the same on Instagram. I often feel like the only people who read my actual blog are fellow bloggers, and everyone else just follows my Instagram/Twitter. The majority of people just want to double-tap a photo of you in an outfit and that's quite frankly frustrating.

    But like you, I want to be more than 'buy this/look at this X item of clothing'. I think having an actual website demonstrates that you're more than just an 'insta-fluencer' and of course gives you a chance to delve into those 'meatier' topics (which you do so well!). I think you're on the right track with elaborating in your captions, that way it strikes a happy medium between the two.

    Hope you enjoyed your cake haha.

    Sinéad xo Fabuleuse Du Jour

  4. I definitely still love reading blogs when I have the time – I love the extra personality and detail that goes into each post! Loving this coat too btw, looks super cosy and I love the colour x

  5. Really enjoyed it and god I hope you will keep on writing. I always come back to your blog and read some posts even twice or more. Because it does feel like “chatting” to a friend and it’s so fun to read!! Please, don’t be just an Instagrammer…. xx

  6. I feel your pain, it is so easy to focus on instagram these days though the algorithm drives me nuts. Not just my own engagement but I miss so much of those that I follow because of it.

  7. I agree, its such a shame instagram is kind of taking over fashion blogs! But i enjoy a good read and someone who can string a sentence together lol. One of the reasons I started following you on your blog and not just your youtube. You are a great writed and create some fantastic articles. I hope it changes and people go back to blogs, only time will tell. I think people are just getting slightly greedy with their content, they want everything new all the time and they want it now.

    Hayley xx

  8. PLEEEEEEEASE don't stop writing! Your voice is so relatable and clever and entertaining. You don't even need to accompany your non-fashion articles with photos. I don't even follow you on Instagram (I mean that in the best way possible – I'm just not that into fashion – I'm in it for your writing!) xx