Embracing New Styles for 2018 (And Being Late To The Party…)

Being late to a party is usually considered the fashionable thing. You know, the whole “fashionably late!” thing – make an entrance, yada yada. But I think this is possibly the only instance where I’m late and it’s totally and utterly unfashionable. Yes, I’m going to talk about trainers and the sudden connection I felt between them and I towards the end of last year.

Most of you, I’m sure, will be well into and possibly over that trend. Trainers have been a legit #fashun thing for way too long. And whilst I’ve dabbled here and there, embracing swapping out my beloved heeled sandals in summer or ankle boots in winter for a sportier kinda sole, I’ve never fully truly made the connection. I’ve never ever truly wanted to choose trainers because I love the way they look and love the way they make me feel. It’s the sartorial equivalent of dating a guy for a bit, and then letting it fizzle out, though you continue to hook up every now and again when you’re both drunk and a bit horny. That summarises my relationship with trainers.

But now? Well, what can I say. We sort of fell in love! A modern love story huh? Sometimes the casual flings can really turn into something… special. You can even track the blossoming relationship on my Instagram, as they began to appear more and more in my pictures over the past few months.

Sorry, I can’t remember if I’m talking about shoes or men anymore…

Anyway, back to the trainers. It’s probably also clear from the branding of this blog and the interiors in my flat that I love a little bit of pink here and there. Stamped all over in REEBOK REEBOK REEBOK, these trainers would probably have been a little too bougie for the old me, but the new me is all over them like the Reebok branding all over these trainers. Riffing on a retro silhouette, they’re classics with a vibe that looks straight out of the 80s. I kept it super modern though, and girly, doubling up on the pink with this Barbie-hued jumper.

It’s interesting, as I never ever thought I’d be a trainers convert. No, really – never. But embracing new style – in this case, the Reebok classic leather overbranded trainers –  is something that I’m definitely taking in to 2018 for me. And it’s something that seems so so simple to others – you’re probably sitting here thinking “Sophie, seriously? They’re shoes! Calm down hun” and you’re kind of right. But we all have things that are outside of our own comfort zone, or are a bit of a test on our own personal style. So off I go, into 2018 with a blossoming new sartorial relationship and ready to embrace more.

Thank god trainers are into polyamory hey?

This post was created in collaboration with Footlocker and Reebok. 

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  1. I've never really gotten into the trainers trend because I couldn't really think of wearing it other than with tracksuit bottoms, but I'm absolutely loving this outfit! Maybe I should give them a go one day…

    Lizzie Bee // Hello Lizzie Bee

  2. I think I may be falling down the trainer path myself after seeing this post. You look so chic and cool in these pics! Xx


  3. Yes! I was very late to the party with the trainers trend too, I felt they were too cool for me but now I like to wear them with dresses even, I like the combination of dressed up and down at the same time.

    Laura http://www.contentas.net

  4. In 2016, I had to take medical leave (I am a qualified Barrister) after being diagnosed with PTSD following several traumatic security threats I faced at my (then) home. Anyway… i went from wearing heels and pencil skirsts to giving 65 pairs (i counted) of heels away to my best friend (also a UK 7) amd replacing them with a wardrobe overflowing with sneakers. I literally have not looked back. I feel more "grounded" in sneaks and I am not just talking metaphorically, although that too. Sneakers changed me. Sneakers connected me to grounded issues and made me feel the size And height I am without being able to hide behind leg-elongating heels. Sneakers gave me the confidence to be and to find myself again… i owe them everything!

  5. I do like a good pair of trainers – my new Vans are my faves right now – but I don't think they'll ever take over from my heeled sandals and ankle boots!

    Laura x

  6. Nothing wrong with being late to a trend. As far as I’ve got with the trainers Look is some canvas converse, training will always be for running for me

  7. Hahha I was really early to the trainers party, was told off for wearing white trainers to my school formal. Can’t imagine wearing anything else!