The Ultimate Girls Night Out With RumChata

“Girls Night Out” – it may sound oh-so-simple, but all of us know it’s not. It’s a total ritual. It’s a bonding session. You’ve got the group Whatsapping before it all starts:

“what are you wearing out?”

“who’s house are we going to drink at first?”

“can I borrow your glittery dress with the cut-out back please?!”

“does anyone have eyelash glue I can use???”

Then there’s the actual getting ready – hair curling, makeup application left, right and centre, all usually done to the sassiest playlist you have on Spotify (Can I please recommend this one?)

Then there are the drinks. A few pre-party cocktails to warm you up before the big night really begins – best served with an extra large side order of gossip, selfies, and Instagram stories you may or may not regret posting the next day.

Actually, sometimes you can forget the actual night out – as girls, we all know that sometimes the best part of a night out is actually the bit where we’re all have fun, drinking together and getting ready at one of the girls houses, rather than wandering around a club, unable to speak over the music, losing each other, dropping your MAC lipstick down the loo, and then having an awkward encounter with your ex whilst alone because you’re friends are in the smoking area.

Yes, I absolutely live for a girls night out. I’m sure you’ve all seen how Gemma has become my partner in crime for all situations as of late for some d-floor action (and the recovery brunch we go for the morning after – always) So I’ll always jump at any excuse to have a few drinks and a dance with this girl. Oh, and did I mention one of the many things we bond over was our love of coffee? So when RumChata offered for us to try their coffee-based Lattini cocktail, it was an easy win-win for both of us.

To help Gemma and I prepare for the perfect Girls Night Out, RumChata treated us to bursting box of goodies, including a very Instagram-able gold cocktail shakers, glittery confetti, party snacks, cocktail ingredients and of course, the classic rum-based cream liqueur itself – which is a delicious blend of Caribbean rum, fresh cream, cinnamon, vanilla and secret spices.

Now, I’m not sure about you, but I absolutely love cocktails. They’re my go-to drink and I basically live for happy hour. But I do worry that when winter hits, I start to lose my fun streak and favour staying in over going out. So my winter resolution was to be far more ‘carpe diem’, seize the day (well, night) and go out and make some memories. And girls nights out are perfect occasions for it!

To create our delicious Lattini cocktail, we had to shake equal parts of the vanilla vodka, coffee liqueur, and espresso over ice, pour into a martini glass, then finish by adding a shot of RumChata to give that delicious creamy finish and marble effect.

It’s like an espresso martini but lusciously creamy. Yes, the winter nights are long, but this drink is enough to give you the right amount of pep and perk for when the DJ starts playing those 90s RnB classics.

If that’s not your vibe (not music-wise, we all love a bit of 90S RnB, right?) then there are tonnes of other delicious recipes on their website. I’m desperate to try out the Banana Coffee Cake Martini (seriously this sounds like heaven!) the Key Lime Pie Martini (do I just have a thing for alcoholic cakes in martini form?) or an Iced Caramel Mocha. There are different drinks for all year round too – so you’ll find some super fruit summery ones to bookmark when the sun starts to shine again!

What’s your favourite cocktail?

If you’re still more of a girls night in kinda gal, then check out Gemma’s post on how to have the ultimate Girl’s Night In instead!

This post was kindly sponsored by RumChata. Please remember to drink responsibly.

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  1. Love your style, I think all you wear is what I would buy in a shop 😁 completely my style. Also your posts are amazing, like a story, It's like reading a book. Just wanted to give you some feedback to keep doing it like that ✨🤗