Sassy Party Accessories And Stylish Gifts

Party season is in full swing IRL and on Fashion Slave – because here I am, at it again, in the sparkly outfits and on the cocktails. And in the sparkliest, prettiest most Instagrammable bar a millennial female could wish for – Tonight Josephine. You only need to search the geotag on the gram to find the most #GirlPower posts of female rebellion and sass. But this time I’m not just talking party dressing – it’s all about accessories – and ones that’ll last way past when you inevitably break your New Year’s diet (It’s ok I won’t tell). I’ve also got a little edit of the accessories that make the perfect gifts for those tricky-to-buy-for types.

The Clutch 

The importance of the perfect party bag is one that’s seriously undervalued. It’s often an afterthought – once you’ve already thrown on your going out-out outfit. So it makes all sartorial sense that you should buy one that goes with absolutely everything flawlessly, like Radley’s boxy Bedford Road clutch.  Small enough to look chic, but large enough to pack your iPhone and lipsticks in, it’s the perfect finishing touch to an outfit. It also has a chain strap for those times you need to use both of your hands to bust out the best dance moves – or to hold two glasses of champagne at once.

Perfect gift for: YOURSELF! Or your best mate so she stops asking to borrow a bag from your selection every time you go for drinks!

Perfect Gifts 

If you’re looking for something small but perfectly formed, the pom pom keyring is just that. It’s spot-on for personalising bags and making it just that little bit special.

Perfect gift for: your sister – it’s quite cute, young and playful.

Then you’ve got the watch. Everybody needs to tell the time! This isn’t no medieval look at the position of the sun in the sky vibe. I picked this diamante-embellished one in a subtle nude colourway as it still has a bit of festive sparkle, but the gentle hues are perfect for the upcoming spring season too. 
Perfect gift for: your mother, who’s always always punctual so time-telling is clearly of great importance. Or, your best mate who’s always always late for everything (cough cough, Gemma Talbot) 
Ah, the classic wallet. Purses and wallets always make quite thoughtful and elegant gifts to give, and Radley’s Arlington Street purse is super simple and minimalist enough that it’s enough to put a genuine smile on even the most difficult people to buy for. Honestly, I can’t think of anyone that wouldn’t benefit from a super chic purse. Even myself – I had intended on gifting this pretty to my mother but, well, I don’t even have my own purse. 
Perfect gift for: those picky people to buy for, and those who you might not know too well like your boyfriend’s mother or sister. 

This post was created in collaboration with Radley

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