Black Friday! Is everyone already a little bored of it? Blink and you sort of well, missed it? That’s certainly how it feels. We’ve only adopted this little sales festival over on the UK for a few years now but it quickly reached its peak where everyone waits for the big sales to hit, having held back with all of the smaller discounted deals we’ve been teased with throughout the week. Who cares about 10% off here when I can wait for a possible 30% that hits on Friday?

Not this year. It feels like the online shopping world has been scrambling, shouting BLACK FRIDAY at you since, well, last week, with the same promotion running all week long. No, actually, it feels like one site decided to come to the party early by announcing all of its deals – like jumping the queue at an all you can eat buffet – but just totally blag it anyway, and everyone else has splashed their discounts too in order to try and compete. It’s a bit confusing.

All I see on my socials from bloggers and influencers right now is about Black Friday (myself included! Hello blog post AND a YouTube video) – yes, it gets a bit blinding but at the end of the day, but many of us make a portion of our income from affiliate sales so it does make me feel a bit uncomfortable when others openly slate us for it. But then again, I can see how the overexposure is an overkill – it’s like everyones giving a hard sale, and it comes back to my post on how I feel like a saleswoman in this job all too often. Although ultimately, it feels like a mutual thing. Bloggers and influencers are trying to help others (providing discount codes and direct links to sales) whilst also helping themselves make a bit of extra cash. What’s ze problemo?!

Time to show my age now: do you remember January sales? That you know, started in… January?! Which slowly crept forward to Boxing Day, which slowly eked forwards to Christmas Eve to drive that extra bit of footfall – now they feel a little bit pointless.

Anyway, for all of you who are simultaneously a little fed up/ confused about the blur of this Cyber Week we’ve found ourselves in BUT ALSO excited and wanting to spend some cash, the best deals are below, and so is my latest YouTube haul where I’m showing you all my new winter pieces that I sadly paid full price for last week because I am not a savvy shopper. Oops. And please please, subscribe to my channel!

Plus, this post gave me the perfect opportunity to share some incredible photos from my trip to Japan. Incredible skills – not because they have me in. You can read more about my trip and how I managed to switch off for once in a lifetime here. 


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