Making Waves With ghd

One of the most common questions I’m forever being asked is how I curl/ wave my hair, and what I use to do it. But one of the secrets I have is that I actually have two totally different methods depending on the vibe I’m after. This one that I’m about to show you is one I only ever do when my hair is that little bit shorter (who remembers when my hair was super long?!) So I thought I’d share with you exactly how I use a ghd styler to create the perfect waves in my hair.

The amazing thing about these waves is that you can really vary them depending how you want the vibe – the more precise you are when creating this style wave creates an uber glamorous old-school aesthetic, whereas if you take a more carefree approach and add a little texture spray, you can get beachier-style waves. I’m using the absolutely stunning (and very on-brand with this blog) limited blush pink edition of the ghd platinum styler – £10 of which is donated to Breast Cancer Now.

So first off, I give my hair a spritz using the all important ghd heat protector spray and brush through with the pink blush paddle brush.

To create the wave, take an inch strip of hair and place it between the ghd platinum styler just as though you’re going to straighten it. But instead of pulling the straightener all the way through the length of your hair,  flip the straightener 180 degrees back on itself after pulling it through the first inch or two of your hair. Then, at that angle, run it through your hair in that opposite direction for another inch or so to create a kink in the hair.

After that, flip it back 180 degrees the other side and run it down another inch of hair.

Repeat this until you make your way all down the hair, and continue through the rest of your hair.

Like I said, the result you want totally depends on how precise you are. I like to keep mine quite low-key, so the variations between strands of hair and the lengths between flipping direction of the ghd platinum styler all differ to create that vibe. The stricter you are, the more perfect the waves will be!

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  1. Lovee your hair here! This would take forever on my hair as it's so long and thick but so nice on you!

    Kirsty xx

  2. Wow this looks so good !! Could you possibly show how you curl your hair with your curling tong as well xx