The Transitional Jacket Your Wardrobe Is Missing

It’s okay everyone – if you invested in a puffer jacket last year, you can pull yours back out of your wardrobe because it’s safe for another season. Didn’t invest because you thought it was just a one-season wonder? Girl, what were you thinking! But it’s still okay, because Matalan’s oh-so-Balenciaga-inspired red puffer certainly will not break the bank at £20 a (colour) pop (sorry, couldn’t stop myself)

What’s so great about the puffer jacket? Well, it’s basically an item that your parents dressed you in as a 5 year old that’s now totally socially acceptable to wear as an adult. Not only that, but it’s practical too. My go-to jacket last year was a puffer because it was basically like being hugged by a giant cuddly person with a perhaps slightly worrying above-average body temperature. Amazing! That said, it’s still super lightweight to throw on now with jeans and a T-shirt, during this awkward transitional season time.

Transitional dressing can be a tricky one to master. But this jacket makes it easy. For starts, it’s so bright that it takes centre stage with whatever you’re wearing – so you don’t need to think too much about that. But if you do want to think beyond that, it’s totally layerable for those colder days, and will add a retro 90s sports edge to any outfit.

I played around with the look a little bit. You all know by now how firmly I worship at the alter of denim, so a skirt in said fabric was an absolute no-brainer. But add a dainty floral blouse, and it lends the look a contrast of themes in a totally subtle way (sporty urban girl vs dainty floral girl.)

And if Matalan hadn’t already thrown a few puffer-jacket-shaped sartorial curveballs your way, these loafers riff on Gucci’s but with a £16 price tag instead, and the backpack is most certainly a high-street nod to Chloe’s Faye backpack.

You can pick up this jacket in Matalan’s Now Or Never Deals – a series of deals happening on different days from 25th-29th August, with huge discounts across fashion and home essentials.

This post was created in collaboration with Matalan.

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  1. of course this is really a great style, the jacket look so great and the bag matches the shoe. thanks for inspiring us through fashion.

  2. Actually can't believe this is all Matalan. Hope some of it comes to the store near me – we never seem to get any of the good stuff I see on other people! Not entirely convinced I could pull the jacket off but I love it so maybe I'll give it a go anyway! xxx

    Sophie | Sophar So Good

  3. I love this look! I've had a red puffer in my wishlist for a while, definitely buying one for Autumn/Winter!


  4. Very nice and so well priced. I think last year I tried to rear away from puffer jackets in order to be 'different', but I am especially loving this due to the pop of colour. Looks like a puffer jacket will be a possible new addition to my wardrobe as the weather continues to turn…!