The Art of Summer Holiday Style

Instagram comes alive in the summer time. Hot dog legs, melting ice creams, sandy beaches, blue skies, bikinis, infinity pools, Santorini, roof top bars, basket bags, Santorini (again) – so even when it’s raining here in the UK, we all know it’s sunny somewhere – it’s just one click, scroll, and double tap away. And if you’re not going on a summer holiday, or your vacay is already over and done with, you can live partially vicariously through everyone else who’s holidaying from Marbs to Barbs (are we calling Barbados that yet?) whilst the other part of you boils over with jealousy as you scroll through your insta feed at your desk (orrrr is that just the office air con failing?) 
Or… instead – holiday or not – you could just live vicariously through your summer wardrobe instead…?

Vacation or staycation, there’s just something about summer holiday style. It’s a very a special breed of fashion thats hard to summarise exactly in words, so I’ll give the perfect on-screen example instead. If the second Sex and the City film did anything right at all (and I mean, it was a struggle…) it nailed the excitement of holiday dressing, and how you kind of get to play out this fantasy of your vacation through style.

You sort of lose control on holiday – yellow shades and sweeping skirts and bold prints that would feel out of place on the Northern Line commute suddenly make all kinds of sense when you’re in the tropics, or Costa Del Wherever. It’s the whole “what happens on tour, stays on tour” mentality that somehow lets you wilder side run free as soon as you’ve set foot in another country – but in fashion form (although we all know what happens on tour, goes on the ‘gram – well, when it comes to style at least!)

I like to think I’m not the only one who’s sad enough to create a whole storyline for how I’d like my vacay to go whilst scrolling through the holiday section on ASOS, mercilessly hitting the ‘save to basket’ button on everything with a pineapple or that’s made of straw. Suddenly, you’ve already created an entire movie script in your head for your holiday: the cocktails you’ll drink, the sunset walks on the beach, and what Alberto – the leading man in your holiday romance – will look like.

Still just me that does this…?

Then you have to manage all of your jet-setting sartorial dreams by confining it to your luggage allowance. It’s a trial, to say the least, but one you gloriously accept with all the excitement of a 5 year old dive-bombing into the pool. Yes, 14 bikinis is appropriate for a 7 day holiday! Yes, another maxi skirt is a must for the frolicking on the beach pic – duh. Can someone please call Easyjet to upgrade my luggage allowance?

And if there’s one holiday destination I’ll visit year after year, it’s ASOS. With premier delivery, and quite possibly the world’s largest virtual walk-in-wardrobe to choose from, it’s got everything you need to create this holiday fantasy wardrobe and help make your summer style dreams come true – plus it can be delivered next day for free if you’re having any serious last minute wardrobe woes.

There’s no passport necessary here. Who really needs to splash out on plane tickets and overpriced hotels when ASOS has so much holiday fashion anyway? If you’re not going on holiday, why not bring the holiday to you? Call in sick. Put on your shades. Get yourself down to the lido. What’s that sound? No, it’s not children screaming as they dive bomb into the pool because school’s out, it’s just Alberto whispering sweet nothings in your ear and serenading you with his guitar…

I’ll see you by the pool babe.

Photography by Alise Jane

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  1. Firstly, those sunglasses are amazing! And secondly you are SO right about instagram and summertime . . I literally can't remember what it looks like in winter?

  2. Ahhh love this post and the pineapple dress, it's so true I just visualise holiday outfits without actually going anywhere, who needs to holiday when you can shop for it instead 🙂 🙂 xxxx