Replenish Dry Hair With Nexxus Nutritive

Hair has always been my thing – which is quite surprising, in some respect, as if you scroll deep enough into my Facebook photo history you’ll find me sporting a ‘do which resembled the likes of Russell Brand. But that’s the thing – no matter how crazy it ever got, it was always supposed to be the focus point of my aesthetics. And it’s something that certainly hasn’t disappeared with age! As I lightened my hair more recently, I’ve been experimenting with different products that’ll lock in moisture and leave my hair looking super shiny – no filter needed. Top of my list is the Nutritive range by Nexxus.

Unacquainted with Nexxus? That’s cool. Let me introduce you. It was founded in 1979 by Jheri Redding – inventor of the modern conditioner – with the flagship salon set up in trendy Tribeca, New York.

Since taking my hair blonder, I’ve noticed it becoming a little bit dryer. That’s bleach for you! And for the past few years my haircare focus has been on premium products that do the best for your hair. I want the best ingredients to leave my hair looking as fresh as possible. My hair is naturally quite greasy, so I find that I need products that are kind to my hair and scalp too. And often, products formulated to retain moisture and leave your hair feeling nourished can contribute towards greasiness.

Luckily, the Nexxus Nutritive range combats dry hair and locks in moisture. With four products in this particular collection, it’s a strong approach to keeping your hair glossy, shiny and most importantly, looking healthy. Keep your eyes out for the other ranges too – they created the Emergencée range to recover very weak, damaged hair, the Youth Renewal range to revive fine hair, and the Oil Infinite range for gals who need a helping hand taming their hair.

So what sets these products apart? One word: science! Did you know the hair is made up of 90% protein? No, nor me. And daily routines – brushing, drying, curling, etc – take its toll, affect the balance of your hair, and leave it looking dull and lacklustre. But no need to start pounding the protein shakes: Nexxus ranges aim to replenish the levels in the hair with their protein-rich formulas during your shower time.

Each collection has been specially created with products that work perfectly together. Both the silicone-free shampoo and conditioner in the Nutritive range are infused with the special caviar complex to totally nourish hair, as well as special proteins to help replenish the hair. The Nutritive Ultimate Moisture Masque was one of my favourites – not just because it gives you the perfect reason to soak in the shower a little longer, but it just gets that bit deeper into the hair fibres to leave your hair feeling totally replenished.

And finally, the range is completed with the Nutritive Ultimate Moisture Encapsulate Caviar Serum – a product that’s been created to replenish up to 14 days worth of protein loss to your hair. You can use it on wet or dry hair, so I usually use it first off when blow drying, and then use it to smooth my hair down straighter and rid myself of pesky flyaways!

After using the range, I’ve found that my hair began to feel much stronger and thicker, as well as brighter and glossier. My hair often has the ability to fall a little bit lank and be somewhat lacklustre, but after using the Nutritive range, it’s actually felt like it has that post-salon swish to it but all done from the comfort of my own home. It feels far healthier than it has done in years, and considering only a few months, I bleached it and went blonder for the first time in my life, is really saying something!

The Nutritive Range – and the other fantastic collections from Nexxus – can all now be bought all throughout the UK, and you can get it directly from Amazon.

This post was created in collaboration with Nexxus.

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