Making The Most Of The Season #NowItsSummer

Summer. It’s that season where you really believe that anything – and everything – can happen. So quite literally, you try and make sure it all does. At the end of the day, who wants to be out all night dancing, trying out new fitness activities or making the most of the sunshine at the weekends (and weekdays… if we’re all honest here) when it’s winter? Winter is for hibernating. It’s for wine and cheese spent indoor with a blanket and the heating on full. But Summer? The possibilities are endless. And that’s where Amazon neatly slides in as your number 1 destination for everything the season might throw at you. In their slick Now It’s Summer hub, they have everything you need from suncream to sunglasses, poolside perfect books, picnic must-haves, and all of your beach essentials – with many of them eligible for next day Amazon Prime delivery.

As for the story of my summer so far? Well, if you’ve been following me on Instagram stories you’ll have noticed my summer has basically been about 2 things: going out partying and ending up with junk food every night, and turning things up in my fitness routine. It’s all about balance! Work(out) hard, play hard. I wouldn’t have been able to push myself as much as I do without the Fitbit Charge2 Heart rate and fitness wristband from Amazon. It’s a heart rate monitor that is specifically designed for fitness, and paired with an app so you can really track your workouts. With the Charge 2, you can set it to different kinds of exercises to optimise its readings – including running, weight lifting, elliptical trainer, cycling, and more, so it’s perfect if you’re into different kinds of sports and fitness.

I used to think that I did excellent workouts and always pushed myself, but by tracking my gym sessions using my Fitbit, I realised that the truth was I wasn’t putting nearly enough effort in. Using the tracker, it has pushed me to work so much harder. Plus, it counts your daily steps – and if you’re the type to feel guilty for having a few too many cocktails after a night out, wear this thing and you won’t. Why? Your step count will be through the roof after a night of dancing.

Ah! So nights out dancing AND days out pounding the treadmill, it coudn’t be a better set up for the much needed summer R&R session I’m going to tell you all about. Summer means you’re out all day, up all night, and you need to give yourself a little bit of a break, so I’ve been chilling out and catching up on missed TV whilst resting my feet in the Beurer Aromatherapy Foot Spa. Simply fill it up and switch it on through the settings to have the perfect foot massage – plus there’s even pedicure additions so that you can get your feet perfectly prepped for summer sandals.

I’m often asked how I curl my hair, and Amazon have the most incredibly extensive range of curling tongs to choose from. I’ve recently been creating the perfect beachy waves, without the need for getting sand in my pants (rejoice) using the Babyliss Ceramic Curling Wand Pro. The trick of it is, take smaller segments of hair, twist them opposite ways, leave around an inch of hair free from heat at the bottom of the strand of hair, and don’t leave them on the wand for too long. Let the curls cool and then brush them out ruffle, use a bit of texturising spray or hairspray to mess the curls up a little, and you’ve nailed a beachy wave that’ll last you all day and all night. Nothing says summer beauty better than a beachy wave!

So how will you be spending the rest of your summer? Staycationing in the UK and turning your garden into your own tropical paradise? Or are you jetting off to a resort with your boyf? Or a girls holiday with your best friends? Whatever it calls for, check out what Amazon has on offer to make the most #NowItsSummer. 

This post was created in collaboration with Amazon

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