I Made A Summer Bucket List To Live My Best Life

Pull yourself from your prosecco in the park daze for just one second! Remember all the way back last month when that American girl’s summer bucket list was found in Urban Outfitters and went viral? If no – where have you been hiding? You can find it here. It was so honest and fun and pure – well, perhaps about the bit about giving guys blowjobs, because that deffo was never on my teenage bucket list (but then again, this girl shopped at Urban Outfitters so she is obvs much cooler than I was back then…) and it had me thinking about my summer, and about summer in general. The long, warm(ish) nights, and that general feeling that you can and should do anything. In the winter, I hibernate. In the summer, I rise from the dirty winter ashes like a summery phoenix ready to drink all of the cocktails, eat all of the slightly undercooked BBQ sausages, and enjoy every ice lolly my Sainsbury’s Local has on offer. Suncream? Don’t need it – I’m a phoenix, (and a dumb Brit), remember?

Summer is about living your BEST life, and it’s hit me that we are very quickly hurtling towards autumn faster than you can say roll neck jumper and pumpkin spiced latte. So I’ve made it my mission to make this summer better than the last (something I do every single summer, and haven’t yet failed) and by doing so, I’m making my own summer bucket list – and I think you should too.

My summer so far has been pretty epic. I went through a breakup, bounced right back, stayed out all night, met a couple of hot guys, decided to move! Some guy asked for my number in a bar (this never happens in London anymore I swear), I got propositioned for a threesome by someone passing me a note, and my friend and I literally ran down the street away from a man in a suit that looked like Dracula after we drank the Pornstar Martinis he bought for us – and those three things happened in just one night!

Yes, summer has been epic. And there’s still time left – if we can trust the weather man then we’re on for an Indian Summer. So taking cues from that oh-so-(almost)- pure bucket list, I’ve got one of my own right here, of totally honest, fun, and silly things I want to achieve by the end of summer. Let’s carpe that fucking diem, people!

  1. Stay out All night – like, literally all night, until 7am. 
  2. Make some new friends! 
  3. Take a last minute holiday – even if it’s Paris! Or even Cornwall!
  4. Go to Brighton – I have never ever been 
  5. Go to two after parties 
  6. Go to some house parties! – I haven’t been in ages. 
  7. Go to a fair
  8. Ask a guy for his number
  9. Ask a guy for his number in real life
  10. Ask a guy for his number in real life. Sober.
  11. Get drunk somewhere it’s quite inappropriate to get drunk at 
  12. Get day drunk 
  13. Learn to do yoga
  14. Do a new sport – or any sport
  15. Go on a day trip out of the city 
  16. Borrow someone’s dog for the day
  18. Spend a hot day by Tooting Bec lido 
  19. Go to a sandy beach in the UK
  20. Actually take a weekend off 
  21. Read 5 books 
  22. Go dancing at a proper dance class
  23. Go on a rowing boat
  24. Have a social media detox
  25. Have more DMC’s over a McDonalds at 3am
  26. Get drunk on the weeknight with my normal 9-5 worker friends and make them call in sick the next day so we can watch reruns of The Hills like the old time
What’s on yours?

Photography by Kyle Galvin

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  1. Ahh this amazing! So true, summer makes me feel like ANYTHING is possible and it's the time to do things, then winter = serious hibernation and hiding until spring. Hope you tick off loads on the list, I might pull one of these together too – plus loving these gorgeous, bright photos and the dress 🙂 🙂


  2. First off love the dress. I have one similar that I'm yet to wear which leads me to one on my list. Wear the damn clothes I bought for summer! Good luck with your list. Lets us know how it goes x


  3. Ahhh I love this! My summer hasn't been the best this year as I've been ill, but now I'm so ready to embrace the last few weeks! I've definitely been drunk enough though – and have gotten in at 7am on a few occasions *oops*. Love the dress and shoes also, you look incred xx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

  4. Hi can I be on of the new friends you make in number 2? Because I also want to get day drunk. Hope you tick them all off gal – looking beaut as ever in these photos! xxx

    Sophie | Sophar So Good

  5. I love love love this post!! Totally started to think that summer was over, but you've made me feel so motivated and like I can achieve anything with what's left of it! You also look AMAZING in that dress!!! Oh and day drinking is definitely my fave thing to do xxx

  6. Aaaah I love this so much – made me smile haha! Plus these photos are just BEAUTIFUL GIRLLLL xxxx

  7. LOVE this. I have also just gone through a break up. I am taking every opportunity that comes at me! I have not been single for 10 years!!! 10 frigging years! So I am funny making up for it!
    Getting drunk with girls is my all time favourite bucket list….. 3/4 of a bottle of gin later I am throwing up but hey, Its ok!!

    I am going to write my own bucket list. Holidays and beach days being first priority…

    Leanne | lemblog.co.uk