It’s The Little Things That Count, with JewelStreet

Never forget the little things

Maybe it’s the way he always rolls over to kiss you when you’re sleeping. Or the strange little way she raises her eyebrows when you say something funny. Maybe it’s a tiny compliment which seems so easy and small to say, but meant everything to somebody else. The way he strokes your hair without even asking, whilst you’re offloading about the bad day you just had. Or the way you always take the time to build someone up by telling them how great they truly are – little by little. How often is it, that it’s the small things that really do count? And how often is it, the way that these small little things add up to something bigger, and much more special.

I’ve always been a believer in the little things. Why are they so important? Because it’s how special they make us feel. And sadly, they’re the things we often forget about too. For this major instance, it’s jewellery. The way it can elevate and take an outfit you like into something that you love. Others may notice – others may not – it really doesn’t matter. But what does matter is how it makes you feel. And it’s something I seem to always forget about!

And as for the little things that count, and that make all of the difference, JewelStreet has it nailed down to a tee. As the home of 600 independent designers, with incredible collections and beautiful stories to tell, JewelStreet’s charm lies in doing things that little bit differently, so that your choice of jewellery is special and treasured – just like it should be. Let’s be real – we’ve all had the same bracelets and certain styles of necklaces as our friends. But JewelStreet’s huge collection brings designers from Tel Aviv to Sweden to the forefront of design, so you’ll never be caught in the same thing as your friends. And what gifts, too!? Think of all of the times we’ve gone and bought the same old things hoping that “it’ll do” – when JewelStreet make it so easy to pick something truly unique to give someone to really make their day. It injects something special into the sparkle.

Not only that, they go above and beyond, offering a last-minute gift service to help you find the perfect piece for an occasion within 12 hours, as well as a bespoke concierge to make your shopping experience perfect.

I opted for the Mouj open ring by Stockholm-based designer, Pargo: its sleek, minimal design offset with matte yellow gold and adorned with a milk white pearl. I finished decking my digits with the diamond-dusted Open Stars ring by Kaizarin, to add a tiny bit of sparkle to the mix. If you’ve got tiny hands and fingers like myself, you’ll know shopping for rings can be a struggle to get the sizing right, but with these both being open styles, it makes the sizing factor so much easier as they can be adjusted.

Like I said, it’s the little things that count, and it’s the little things that can sometimes make all of the difference.

This post was made in collaboration with JewelStreet.

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  1. Looking incredible as per, that colour is beaut on you. I aaaalways forget about jewellery but you're right, when I do remember it does make me feel good and far more put together than usual! Those little ones are so cute!
    Sophie xxx | Sophar So Good

  2. Ahh Sophie I love this post! The little things really do make a big difference, but are so often overlooked! The rings look gorgeous, really complete the look x