Who (or What!) Is Your Festival Style Alter Ego?

Apparently mine is Rockstar Care Bear…

So the sirens of Coachella signalled the start of festival season around the world, and thus began the countdown to our very own season here in the UK. And whilst we were bingeing on the Instagram feeds of our favourites – saving and screenshotting the best looks from the festival to inspire our own – the truth of the matter is, it’s a much different ball game here in Britain. There’s less palm trees, more mud, and a much higher chance of rain – and the boho style Coachella champions might not necessarily hold up quite the way we’d like. But everyone knows Brit girls do style best, so when it comes to festival fashion, we up the ante even more. 
What I love so much about festival style is how much we all commit to it. It’s as if we unleash a different side of us, or a side that we always want to show off but that might not be office-appropriate (fishnet insert shorts = sure to get you a meeting with HR – but v good for your Instagram profile pic). You can get a little bit experimental – a little over the top and it doesn’t even matter – and ASOS’ festival collection has got all of the things you need to really get creative. It’s a bit like what fashion week was a couple of years back – and still is, to a much lesser extent, however – where people would really dress up for the street style photogs, apart from at festivals it’s totally okay and you won’t have a bunch of journalists judging you for it… You just pick a segment of your own personal style DNA and put it under a magnifying glass! Or try out something totally different – it’s time to make fashion fun.
Who – or what – is your festival alter ego? Boho queen? Rainbow unicorn lady? Or rockstar? Mine’s apparently the latter – channelling nu-wave Blondie-meets-The Care Bears in candy floss coloured faux fur, shredded denim, and a discoball sequin top. 
Scroll down for my festival style formula breakdown!
Sparkle & Glitter 
Embrace your inner rock star/ glitter queen – festival season means it’s time to shine! Go all out with crazy-sparkle makeup or just put some shimmy into your style with a sequin-dipped top. 

The Coat 
Let’s pretend for a second that the British summer weather is really warm and wonderful every single day. Ha ha ha – that was fun for a second wasn’t it? Now, back to reality. It’s unpredictable. You’ll have wind speeds that threaten to dismember your yurt, and clouds that grumble “I don’t care if you didn’t bring wellingtons, Susan, I’m going to rain anyway!” – and by the time the sun sets, it’s chilly enough to need a jacket. Yes, I opted for faux fur – a risky option if rain is on the horizon but if not, it’s the perfect choice for it’s playful  Carebear colours! Put your sensible head on for a second though and pack a rain coat of some sort – just make sure it comes in an ultra-bright colour or gleaming metallic (I said sensible, but we don’t wanna be too sensible kids…) 

Great for hiding tired eyes, a lack of makeup because you’ve given up on applying it when it just gets sweated off anyway, and it cements that unapologetically cool super-nonchalant rockstar vibe. Lennon-esque round sunglasses literally shriek, well, Lennon-like rock starness.

Shoes, accessories, and the rest…

are you heading off to any festivals this year? Let me know what style you’ll be opting for! 

This post was created in collaboration with rewardStyle and ASOS 

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  1. Congrats on such a cool collab you absolute star! Love your picks – those jeans are glorious and so is the coat, all the heart eyes going on over here right now.
    Sophie xxx | Sophar So Good