Add Some Sass To Your Walls With Desenio (+ A Discount Code!)

Since I had my first dolls house, I’d always dreamt of creating my dream home. Of course it was going to be a castle, my bedroom would be in the highest turret, and I definitely had a four poster bed. Thank god tastes change over the years, but creating my own personal world to live within has always been important to me. When I was younger it was dolls houses and watching home makeover shows with my mum, now it’s a lusting over thousands of Pinterest boards and watching home makeover shows alone in bed. If my friends are ever flat-hunting, I’ll ask to go with them because I’m nosey and like looking at other people’s houses and I have definitely whittled a few hours away scouring the likes of Rightmove when I have zero intention of moving. Everyone wants to make their house feel like a home, and for me that’s all about the interiors.

If you already own a property, then I’ll make this post an easy read for you: your house is probably full of already amazing stylish things and fabulous furniture and decor that you didn’t have to get sign off from your flatmates to buy and put up, but you can put some more sass and style into your trendy pantone-approved coloured wall with Desenio’s stunning collections of prints. You can stop reading here if you like now!

But if you’re caught up hard in generation rent, more likely to spend your money on flights, brunches, and rooftop terrace cocktails than a house deposit because well, house prices are still too high and our wages are still too low to make it an attainable goal for many so we may as well try and enjoy life in any way poss (shout out to everyone being rinsed for rent in LDN!) then you’re going to need a little more help and inspiration to sex-up your dull standard-issue magnolia walls. When you have so many ideas of exactly what you want to achieve in terms of interior decor and design, renting can be incredibly frustrating because you are so so limited. You can’t change the carpet, you can’t paint the walls, often, you can’t change the furniture, all without asking the landlord or digging deep into your own pocket for a property that isn’t even yours! And when you’re sharing with potential strangers – like many people in London end up doing – it can be difficult navigating all of this with your housemates too. The reality of it all is a little bit less than Pinterest-friendly.


The art of the gallery wall: definitely not a new thing – it’s been around for a long time now – but it’s more accessible than ever thanks to the likes of Desenio, the online Scandinavian wall-art company.

I’m sure you’ve heard of them – they’ve been taking over Instagram for all of the right reasons. What I love most about Desenio is how easy it makes it to create a gallery wall. They have perfect pairings, and organise categories in themes such as fashion, nature, and inspiring quotes, so that you can keep to a certain aesthetic if you want to. With so many prints to choose from, you can create something that’s so personal to your own tastes, and there really is something for everyone. When you add a print to your basket, it pops up with the option to add a frame in the same size, so there’s no confusion on what else you need to buy to create the perfect gallery wall. There’s also plenty of examples of gallery wall templates, so you know what sizes you need to order your prints in to get the right look (no ordering at random and just hoping they all go together!)

Desenio’s site graphics are also so stunning, you’re never short of inspiration for creating your perfect gallery wall.

Rather than opting for themes, I just picked what I really connected with. There’s a lot of nature in there – I love to add a bit of colour to my walls with florals and botanics as well as beautiful butterflies and other bugs – and my love of vintage-inspired photography lead me to this particular print. A map of London felt necessary for the collection, as although I may not have been born a Londoner, I couldn’t feel more at home here after living in this city for four years now. A tiny dose of fashion is mandatory, with the huge (and somewhat iconic!) Prada sign. 

So even though your money might be too tight to buy your own property, you don’t always need to compromise on decoration and can still get a slice of Scandi chic interiors if you play smart with Desenio. Another big tip to stop you from hammering loads of hooks in the walls, pick up some adhesive Command picture-hanging strips to leave your walls (and your deposit!!) perfectly untouched when you move out.

And to save you some more money, you can get 25% off prints between the 6th-8th June with the discount code SOPHIEMILNER (doesn’t include handpicked collection or frames) – that leaves more money for Friday night drinks and hungover brunch at that oh-so Instagrammable place that just opened!

Feel free to tag me in your Desenio gallery walls on Instagram because I would LOVE to see what you create!

This post was created in collaboration with Desenio. 

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  1. I'm planning on re-styling my uni room when I move back in September and I've been dying to order prints from Desenio…so with a discount code I justify spending a bit more. I absolutely adore how you've laid the prints out and the mixture of frames you've chosen.
    Alicia x
    Aesthetic Obsessed

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