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 The races: a day where people congregate to place bets on running horses, cheer them on, and drink copious amounts of beer/champagne (delete as appropriate). But forget about the horses – they are hardly the main event! Because let’s face it, for the majority of us it’s all about the excuse to get dressed up and have a good time. And then look at everyone else who’s dressed up and having a good time. Everyday style goes out the window – can I have a “See Ya Never, Normcore!”..? – and in its place is women (and men!) dressed to the nines.

And boy, it doesn’t disappoint – especially Ladies Day. Getting all glitzed up might not be your thing, but you have to admire the lengths people go to in preparing their outfits. Have you ever been to Aintree before? Their Ladies Day is on another level. I’ve never seen so much care and prep put into looking good for a day and it shows – my brain was basically doing the “preach!” hands emoji on repeat every second I was there on Friday.

I’ve always spoke on Fashion Slave about my love for dressing up. The power clothes have to totally alter the way you feel and act is what my love for a good glamour sesh so strong (I mean look how happy I look in these blog photos? Not gonna lie I was feeling myself) So even if I’m not a betting woman (I placed a grand total of zero bets at Aintree), the fun comes in putting on a dress that makes me feel like a 10. With it being the start of spring, something super pretty and feminine will always capture the mood perfectly and PrettyLittleThing’s collection of race-ready dresses and jumpsuits have so many options to choose from you’ll be planning your next race day before even attending your first.

Recognise this PLT dress from before? Yes, it’s what I wore for my Valentine’s (well, Galentine’s!) date night, but instead of the romantic rich berry colour that’s perfect for winter, it’s a spring-ready lily white. But check the dress code before you attend with a thigh-grazing mini dress. Some race days are stricter on hemlines, requiring a below-the-knee style to pass. White is one of those shades I absolutely love to wear to summer occasions – it pops perfectly against a tan and looks gorgeous with sun-kissed highlights – but, the warmer months are dominated by wedding season, and it’s still hardly appropriate to show up to a wedding wearing white. So the races is the perfect time to ditch your all black everything black aesthetic, and opt for something fairer.

Are you heading to the races this year?

Photography by Rebecca Spencer

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  1. How did I miss this post! You look beaut Soph! I can't decided which colour I prefer, no wonder you got both! LOVE!