Not At Coachella?

No, I’m not there either. Sadface

… But, if I was, this outfit is totally what I’d wear. Although, probably with some shorts instead of just high-waist bikini bottoms. When I ordered these pieces for my trip to Cyprus, I hadn’t meant to be inspired by Johnny Depp’s infamous immortalisation of Hunter S. Thompson in Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas. It just happened. I went a bit OTT on holiday vibes.

It has to be said, I’m not really a festival goer. After my first ever experience camping at V-Festival last year, I can categorically state I am just not the kind of girl who is cut out for camping (but perhaps that’s just because it’s V-Festival…?) Glastonbury doesn’t give me FOMO like it used to, because quite frankly, the thought of camping in a field in a tent in unpredictable UK weather for several days makes me want to call 999. In fact, the only year I had planned on going to Glasto was the year they decided not to do it to help the grass grow back or something along those lines. Now, I don’t believe in God, but I’m pretty sure that was a sign, of some sort of divine being giving me a gentle nudge in the direction I should probably stick to.

Give me a Glamping style experience or one of those Yurts, and I’ll be all on to a festival quicker than you can say five days with no showering. But there’s just something about camping that I hate. When I was 16 I went on a survival skills class in the Lake District and we spent a night in the wilderness, having to make our own tents with sticks and sheets and it rained all night. All I ate for dinner was a can of corn. It was hell. But I didn’t get eaten by a wild badger and earned my certificate fair and square. Still though, I’d struggle to manage a festival. I like having all of my things around me. I like being able to stand up properly. I hated hearing my neighbours stomp about in my old flat in London, so god help me with just a tent between my temporary festival neighbours!

Yet sadly, live music has always been a passion for me. From 16-19, you’d find me in a mosh pit at weekends, being pulled over the barriers by bouncers at gigs, just to scrabble my way back to the front again. Hit repeat. I just want to be able to go home afterwards, climb into a hot shower and get into my comfy bed afterwards.

But Coachella – perhaps because it’s warm, it’s populated by celebrities and seemingly the world’s coolest and most beautiful people – strikes more of a chord with the kind of thing I could get on board with. No rain, no mud, no badgers. Plus, just because you don’t like festivals doesn’t mean you can’t embrace a little bit of festival style anyway.

If anything could possibly sum up my thoughts on Coachella vs UK festivals, well, it’s this tweet.

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  1. Absolutely just died laughing at that last tweet and still not fully recovered, I'm sort of sitting here snorting now. Although I actually really like camping, i'm with you on this one because festival camping is just next level gross. You look insaaaaane in these photos, so beaut!
    Sophie xxx