My Signature Day-To-Night Smokey Eye Tutorial

If there’s one message I always have sliding into my DM’s on Instagram, it’s: do a tutorial on the makeup in your Insta story! It’s not that I’m ever doing anything special or different. Quite the opposite, actually, as I have one signature go-to makeup look that I’ll usually play by. A smokey day-to-night eye with a little feline flick, finished with a neutral matte lip. It’s a little grungy, so don’t be afraid to get smudgy with the eyeshadow! And it’s still light enough to get away with by day in the office without scaring your boss, yet it’ll still hold its own in the bar after hours.

Using W7 cosmetics’ amazing collection, I’ve recreated this subtle grunge-meets-glam look that you’ll always see me sporting. W7’s products are insanely affordable dupes, with purse-friendly brushes, more shades and finishes of lipstick that I’ve seen on any beauty counter before (at around £5 too!) and you could try a different eye look every day for a year with their collection of shadow palette dupes. So let’s dive right in! 

Start off with W7’s Genius Featherlight Foundation for your base. I’m using the shade natural tan. Gently buff it into your skin with the super soft Pro-Effect Face Blending Brush. The bristles are so naturally soft that the foundation melts onto your skin and looks as if you’ve been airbrushed! And at £12.95, the brush is a total steal. 

Time to contour! Now I love contouring, and W7’s Face-Shaping Contour Stix are honestly the quickest way to get a Kardashian-rated complexion. With a contour, highlight and bronzing stick, you’ve got everything you need in one little kit. Simply swipe on your face – above the cheekbones, down the nose, the forehead and chin for highlighter, then around the forehead, defining the jaw and hollow beneath the cheekbones for contour – then blend blend blend it all in. 
Swipe some bronzer just over the top of your cheekbones to define them more, and buff this into the skin to complement the contour below. 

No contoured look is complete without a dewy dash of highlighter. W7’s Night Glow might look very pink in the bottle, but it shimmers onto the skin with the most natural luminescent glisten. Think super fresh, gorgeous skin. I apply mine to the top of my cheekbones, between my brows, the tip of my nose, beneath the arch of my eyebrows, and on my cupids bow. 
One of my favourite products in the whole of W7’s collection is the Twist and Shape eyebrow pencil. I brush my brows up first with the spoolie on one end – I like to keep them quite fluffy and feathery – then add shape and definition using the waxy shaped pencil, using a hair-stroke effect. 

The eyes are my favourite part of the face, so I always like to play up to it with great shadow. W7 has the widest range of palette dupes I have ever seen – you’ll never be out of shades to choose from! I usually opt for taupey matte shadows, so the Might Mattes palette is the perfect option to play around with. I just picked a light-medium shade for my eyelids, and chose a darker one to add a little definition to the lash line. Because this is a more grungy day-to-night look, you don’t need to worry about being too careful! Think party girl who’s out from dusk until dawn (even if the reality is you’re out from dawn until dusk…)

For a little extra definition, I like to add a feline flick just to the corners of the eye using W7’s Extra Fine eye liner – it’s a jet black pen style, making it incredibly easy to slick on and go. Pull your eyelids taught (especially useful for those with more hooded eyelids like myself) and simply like the corner with a feline flick. Like I said before, it doesn’t have to be absolutely perfect. 
Lashes! When it comes to lashes, the bigger the better! That’s where W7’s Big Lash Mascara comes in. Plump up your lashes using the supersized wand. Oh, and it may be big by name, but the price is small. You can get this seriously fluttery mascara for less than £5. 

This look might be all about the eyes, but the lips are the cherry on this cake. Right now, the only lip you’ll see me with is a matte one. Whilst I used to opt for paler nudes, for a stronger day-to-night look, a more neutral, natural lip shade works much better. W7’s Mattenificent Lipstick in Lady Luck is just the right hue for a subtle hint of colour. 

Et Voila! The cat is officially out of the W7 bag on how I achieve my favourite, go-to beauty look. Here’s the full comprehensive list of all the products I’ve used for this look. If you’re looking for high-end products with purse-friendly prices, you’ll be sure to get way more for your money with W7’s products. 
This post is sponsored by W7 Cosmetics.

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