How I Keep My Skin Hydrated On A Daily Basis

You might think that full time blogging involves a lot of sitting around at home in pyjamas whilst taking a photo of breakfast and hashtagging the hell out of avocado on toast. And yes, you’d be half right (I’m in my pyjamas as I write this but no avo-toast in sight – gutted). The other half is spent running about like an absolute mad woman from breakfast meetings, to photoshoots, to press events, and if you’re a real high flyer, to an aeroplane to another country. We all do it – no matter what our jobs are. We’re women and we’re excellent hustlers. But girl, it can start to take its toll.

We get run down. We get colds. We get exhausted and even when we are exhausted, sometimes we can’t sleep because we can’t quite switch our minds off. And we still continue hustling away because we’re superwomen and we damn well have to. Last week was so hectic I developed a sore throat that made me sound like I had smoked 50 cigarettes a day since the day Jesus was born, and you could have mistaken the dark circles around my eyes for an avant-garde beauty look created using the darkest shade on my Naked Palette. Cue a night of cancelled plans, quickly replaced with an evening of one of my favourite films or a series binge whilst I have an intensive pamper evening so that I can bounce back to being my normal, happier, healthier self. It’s what needs to be done to get things back on track.

If you’ve been following my blog for some time now, you’ll be fully aware of my total confession of beauty slobbery and laziness. But after coming off the pill and having to deal with breakouts and a seemingly eternally dry complexion, I’ve had to learn the best ways of targeting it because I’m way way over the days of totally caking my face in makeup to even out (aka, totally mask) my skin. But when I’m operating at 110%, all of these skin problems get 110% worse, so I’ve been giving my skin a little TLC to help me bounce back to my usual self with Neutrogena’s Hydro Boost range – especially, the gelée milk and water gel cleansers, and water gel moisturiser.

When my skin is all dull and dried out, it always leads to my foundation going patchy in places. Makeup has always brought me confidence so it’s hardly getting the desired effect! I’ve been tackling the root of the problem by giving my skin a much-needed boost to bring out the best of my complexion with Neutrogena’s Hydro Boost range.

With a range of products from cleansers, to facial wipes, to moisturisers, all specially dedicated to increase hydration, you’ve got a regime that’s tackling dry skin from every single angle possible. My two favourite cleansers have been hero products for me – especially with the changing of seasons and this long cold winter we’ve had! My skin is already feeling perfectly prepped for summer. For (deep down) lazy girls like me, you’re going to love the no-rinse gelée milk cleanser – it gets rid of makeup whilst adding moisture to the skin so it’s perfect for those who can’t be bothered to faff around the sink for ages. With a milk-meets-gel formula, it has a super (and pretty surprisingly!) lightweight formula so it never feels heavy or greasy on your skin, and leaves your pores feeling fresh and purified. I keep this one by my bed for those out all day and night kind of days when my heels are off as soon as I’m through the door, and all I need in my life is my bed!

If you’re not in quite as much as a hurry, the Hydro Boost water gel cleanser reacts with water to lather up and get rid of dirt and makeup so is a bathroom essential! One of the great things about these products – and this one in particular – is how they contain Hyaluronic acid, which is found naturally in the skin, so it works with your complexions natural capabilities for the freshest look.

I like to tackle issues as much as I can, so I find a little exfoliation goes a long way when it comes to tackling hydration issues. Getting rid of the rough, flakier bits of skin using the smoothing gel exfoliator from the Hydro Boost range gives me skin to rival that of a new born baby.  Plus, it’s super gentle, might I add, so my sensitive skin can take it.

But it’s the water gel moisturiser that is my absolute hero product, as it feels like the skincare equivalent of going of having a huge glass of icy water after being stuck on the tube because of a red signal in the height of summer. The super soft and cooling product goes onto the skin like silk and leaves it looking totally fresh and rejuvenated. Not only that, you can really feel that it locks in the moisture all day, so when I take off my makeup again in the evening, it never feels dried out. My skin is very breakout prone, so the lightweight formula is perfect for giving my skin the drink it needs without lingering on the surface for too long, making my skin greasy and clogging up pores.

My makeup is going on so much smoother and lasting way longer – just in time for Spring when everyones social calendars start filling up and it’s no longer acceptable (or enjoyable) to hibernate in your house every single evening!

Hydra Boost is now available in Boots, Superdrug, Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Amazon.

Get your hands on the range below!

This post was sponsored by Neutrogena 

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  1. This range sounds fabulous! My skin gets over hydrated so I'm trying to stop wearing makeup as often. I wear it daily but when I'm away with work it's on for hours on end and my skin breaks out so badly. A good skincare routine is key! xx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

  2. This range sounds brilliant, I'll have to look into it. Plus, these photos 😍