Cheating On Denim

I love jeans so much that if they were a human male they’d definitely be my boyfriend. Although, it would be somewhat awkward as I just love so many different pairs of jeans, I’d have to enter into a one-sided polyamorous relationship with them. But that’s okay, I guess, because open relationships/ multiple partner relationships are becoming more and more socially acceptable these days. Straight jeans, cropped flare jeans, actual boyfriend jeans, embellished jeans – you name it, I love them. But more recently, my favourite pair of Zara joggers have been luring me away from the denim trend.

Topshop Coat – old

And girl, are they comfortable. Soft cotton, stretchy elastic – you can wear them with a super-casual hoody and feel all gangsta (I promise you I will never use that word EVER again on here) or you can dress them up with a heels and blazer for a sporty twist on tuxedo dressing. I’m going to reiterate the point that they are COMFY and elasticated. Have you ever had that situation where you’ve been to a lunch or dinner wearing your favourite jeans, ate probably a bit too much, and promptly had to undo your jeans? If you haven’t had that experience, then darling please go and eat another slice of pie. But you never ever get that experience with jogging trousers.

Back on to a styling perspective… playing by the fashion rules is something I do probably a little too regularly, but that’s why every so often it’s fun to change things up. Leopard print faux fur feels notoriously glam, and when teamed with jeans has a total rock ‘n’ roll vibe. But when put alongside joggers, the look is way different. In fact, I kind of feel a bit like a pimp.

Okay, so, I do still love jeans. But that’s fine, because I’m a sartorial polyamorist.

Photography by Katie Brown at The Blog Drop 

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  1. I live for Gucci flats and bag!! The fact you paired the leapord coat with sporty pants just mindblowing!! Beautiful 😉

    xx, Kai