Awkward – I Definitely Didn’t Realise This Dress Was See Through

Sometimes in life you have those moments where you experience something so perfect. You get a short, quick, gaspy “omg, yes!” moment, and all is fabulous and wonderful and you’re winning at life. It’s like when you date a guy and he ticks every single box you have on your imaginary future husband checklist. But then there’s the but… Because there’s always a but.

I really like him, but… he wears straight leg trousers, like my Dad.
I really like him, but… he didn’t look like his Tinder profile, and I’m not sure if I can get over that deceit. What else will he lie to me about?!
I really like him, but… he kept calling me Sarah. Even after I told him my name is Sophie. 10 times.

I had this moment when I found this dress. I gasped. I put it on in the changing rooms and I twirled around because tea dresses are my thing. Purchased it. Took it home. Did the whole twirly thing again  (for a haul video, lol) and thought oh my god I really like this dress, but… I’m pretty sure you can see my pants through it???

And like with all the guys that tick so many boxes, I thought I’d persist anyway with this dress, and just go with the flow. Ignore and hope it goes away.  In fact, I thought, I’ll just wear some big comfy lacy pants so if anything shows or it blows in the wind, it’ll be like gym knickers you had to wear with your PE skirt back in secondary school. Modesty pants. It was only when the photographs came out that I realised how painstakingly obvious it was when my big black lacy pant-clad arse managed to photobomb every single photo. So I had two choices:

1. Spend hours trying to edit the photos to get rid of the dark line of my pants orrrrr

2. Embrace it. And write about it.

So here we are, with option 2. Part laziness, part #KeepingItReal (because I’m only human and make embarrassing mistakes like this), and partly because there’s only so many times I can tell you lot that I love tea dresses before you get bored of me, so this gave me something else to write about: what I learnt from wearing a see-through dress and ruining all of my blog photos with my pants.

1. Don’t ignore problems – it’ll only make things worse

I know I covered this in my post last Sunday, but these photos really are the case in point. Who was I kidding when I employed the “if I can’t see it, it doesn’t exist!” tactic into dressing? I could def see the pants, and they more than existed – in fact, they shouted hey look at me, my big butt, and my inability to dress like a fully functional adult!

2. Some imperfections are hard to get over.

Imperfections are what make vintage garments have charm. They give up-cycled furniture that one-of-a-kind aesthetic. And they’re what make people the wonderful, quirky, and interesting humans that they are, and that we love them for. Unfortunately, there are some ‘imperfections’ you just can’t get over. They’re called deal-breakers. They’re called see-through dresses.

3. There’s some things you just can’t change.

Unless you know the art of time travel, you just can’t change some things. So the best way is to make the most of a situation you’re not too happy about. Like write about it! Which leads me neatly on to…

4. Positives are much easier to find in negatives than I originally thought 

I wrote about trying to be a more positive person and less of a pessimist, and I guess instead of losing my shit at these almost picture-perfect pictures, I’ve found the funny side. Laughing it off is the best way to deal with 99% of things. Ha ha ha lol.

5. Just because it’s pretty doesn’t mean that it’s right for you

Have you ever been out with a really sexy gorgeous man and you’re like gah, marry me? But he’s so so dull and devoid of any kind of personality? Sometimes it’s fine because you’re too busy staring at his great hair and cheekbones to even notice that he’s calling you by the wrong name. But let’s be real: he’s not right for you because he can never fulfil you the way that an actual interesting human might. This dress is the equivalent. It can’t fulfil me the way a dress with actual lining might. Just cus it’s pretty, doesn’t mean it’s right for me.

(above is the hand-to-head moment I realised my dress is see-through)

6. If you’re going to wear something see-through, go the full hog.

Remember Rihanna’s naked dress at the CFDA awards? That’s what I’m talking about. If you’re going sheer, make it so that it’s so obvious you made that choice on purpose, rather than being the reason why everyone behind you on the tube escalator is having a giggle.

Lessons I’m still trying to learn:

If you love something, but it’s no good for you, should you let it go?
Like I said, it’s a bit like relationships. Sometimes, no matter how much you care for someone, you know they’re no good for you and should let them go. Maybe they keep cheating and you keep going back to them because they say they’ll change. Maybe they’re holding you back from achieving your dolphin training dreams. Or maybe they always encourage you to eat one more piece of pizza and you’ve suddenly developed love handles.

I really really loved this dress, but perhaps I should have just bitten the bullet and taken it back.

How do you deal with see through things like this?
Embrace it? Wear the sexiest pair of underwear knowing everyone is going to see them anyway? Wear a slip skirt? In what colour? Nude, black? Wear nude underwear? Red underwear? NO underwear? Help me.

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  1. Oh Soph, haha! I love this post! I love that you chose to just embrace it – I think you look bloody fabulous! xxx

  2. Love this!! The fact that you're so real and relatable is the reason I come back again and again. And by the way, you still amazing with the pants showing through! 🙂 That's a testament to your style girl!

    Vic xx

  3. I'm so glad you posted about this dress, I have been thinking of buying it for months. I don't think I will now haha!

  4. Hahaha, really loved this post Sophie. I have found myself in the same situation and I have always tried to hide it (tie a sweater around your waist or make your scarf casually hang around the area to be covered – I always wear a scarf in my bag because my throat is my Achilles heel!). I have never tried to embrace it, so if it ever happens again, I will try to laugh it off, cause I agree it's the best medicine to 99% of our problems.
    You look really cute on that tea dress btw 🙂

    Have an awesome Monday, beautiful!

    Saida | She talks Glam