The Gucci Silver Bomber Dupe

= more money to spend on cocktails

Metallic sporty bomber – three words I never thought I’d put into a sentence together, let alone put an actual real life incarnation onto my body. Seems so wrong. Seems so tacky – vulgar. Maybe it still is? I mean, I’m hardly going to start rambling on about how this piece is a wardrobe classic because let’s face it, it’s anything but! Buuuuut, the truth is, I’ve fallen head over heels for this Glamorous silver bomber. I call it my Intergalactic Cheerleader jacket – for it’s sporty-meets-spaceman vibes, and it’s just what my jeans and jumpers needed to give them a bit of a new-season kick up the arse in time for spring.

Seriously, I know I’ve always been an advocate of a statement coat, but I don’t know many other jackets that’ll spice up your basics quite like this. My boyfriend’s words on it? 
BF: “Wow! Well, I couldn’t miss you arriving in THAT! It’s very, errr, fashionable”

Me: “Yes, it is very fashionable, what did you expect from me? To turn up wearing a bin bag?”
– I say that, but I did get thiiiis close to buying some vinyl trousers which are the closest thing to a bin bag that you’re going to be able to wear tbh. And I do have a vinyl coat.… so…. 

It’s so fashionable, in fact, it was inspired by the upper echelons of fashion, the design house of the moment, and the only place you want to part your money with if you’re investing in a designer handbag: Gucci. Yes, Gucci are selling one for an eye-watering £2090. I remember a time when it seemed massively frowned upon to buy dupes and copies, but social media has made that somewhat null and void these days.  
You can thank me later!

Photography by Ella H 

I’m wearing Paige Jeans (c/o), Topshop Jumper, Glamorous Jacket (c/o), Zara Bag

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