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I’ve always been a little bit of a nerd at heart. I was top in lots of my classes in school, won pupil of the year twice in a row (or more embarrassingly known to us as teachers pet of the year award) and I signed up to take an extra GCSE in astronomy during after school hours. I was also chubby, had bad skin, braces, and glasses. What a cliche, right? Despite shedding some of the baby weight, getting contact lenses, and sort of sorting my skin out, I’m still the same learning-obsessed geek, and museums have always held a special place in my heart. I can get lost in them for hours – and I’ll always rather go solo for pure uninterrupted indulgence – especially when I’m stressed out or oddly, a little hungover. Something about them soothes my soul – there’s nothing like staring at a centuries old sculpture to really put your small worries (or sore head) into perspective or distract away from it.

Time and time again I find myself walking up the steps of the V&A – the world’s leading museum of art and design. Having studied a masters in fashion journalism, I guess I’ll always have an affinity with it for its links to fashion – it housed the McQueen Savage Beauty exhibition that was so moving it actually brought tears to my eyes – and I’ve even written before about the museum being my go-to for a little midweek quiet time. So to the delight of a self-confessed fashion nerd like myself, when they launched a collaborative capsule collection of shoes with Ravel – with designs riffing on the 70s – it was exactly what my wardrobe needed for a little spring uplift.

Spring Trench Coats

Let’s take a trip back to 1970s Carnaby Street – a major inspiration behind the collection and where Ravel first began. Colours were bright. Prints were bold. And it was back when fashion was fun – no normcore or minimalism in sight. More is more, and the brighter the better. It’s an aesthetic that I’ve always adored – subtle retro references have long peppered my wardrobe – and it played as a starting point for the designs. 
The design teams looked to the V&A’s archive of textiles, using prints from Mary Yonge that came filtered in electric shades and printed in kaleidoscopic geometrics to capture the essence and flair of the 70s. 
My Favourite SS17 Jeans

 In peacock turquoise and contrasting lemon, this print injects a little bit of sass into every step you take in the Helena court shoe. I decided to base my whole look around the shoes, playing up to the tones with bright blue denim, a buttercup yellow jumper, and finished with a classic trench.

To inject your wardrobe with a little 70s flair, check out the full collection here!

This post was created in collaboration with Ravel, with monetary compensation made for its creation.

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  1. It's always nice to find another fellow nerd! Museums are the perfect place for quiet time when I need to de-stress! Love these photos, you look amazing x