The New Way To Not Wear Your Jacket Properly

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Shoulder-draping? Err, how very 2014. Whilst shrugging your coat off both shoulders the Demna-approved way remained popular amongst some, it felt a little bit last-season. Yes, a different, even more carefree way of styling your coat emerged on the streets and runways during New York and London Fashion Weeks. This season it’s all about letting your coat slip asymmetrically off just the single shoulder. It’s effortless, nonchalant, and dripping in that “yeah I don’t really care” vibe (whilst paradoxically styled up this way because we all actually care a huge, huge amount.) I had every intention of linking you to all of the street style galleries where you can see this trend realised on people way way cooler than myself, but it occurred so frequently I gave up and decided to wallow in my fashion envy of everyone featured in the photos instead.

I remember my first real fashion week when shoulder-draping (or robing, whatever you want to call the act of slinging your coat over both shoulders) became a serious thing, remaining in the styling forefront for a while – or at least until the wind blew your jacket off and you thought fuck this I am never wearing my jacket like this ever again! Feeling very cool and wanting to show off to my Facebook friends (what else does one do on there though tbh?) I uploaded my fashiony pics with my jacket draped over and was met by a bombardment of “why are you not wearing your jacket properly are you not cold” comments. Ugh, do you people not understand that fashion is not practical? I unfriended all of them immediately. 
Only joking.
But there became something a little dowdy about wearing your jacket like that. It reminded me of leaving the bar after a bad date, it’s cold and the guy awkwardly insists on being old-school chivalrous by draping his jacket over your shoulders as though he’s blissfully unaware that the joy of Uber in central London is that you can usually get a cab in under 3 minutes. (Alone). Then Demna Gvasalia came along to shake up Balenciaga, slouching the models jackets down their shoulders for a yeah yeah whatever touch. We ate it up. It felt refreshing. Now I can’t wear my jackets draped on my shoulders without thinking of bad dates 
So now it’s time to try it the one-shouldered way. And let’s face it, with warmer climes on the horizon, it’s the perfect way to take your favourite coat into the new season without getting too sweaty. Brb going to post this pic on Facebook to see how many people tell me to put my coat on properly. 

Photos by megababe Chloe Plumstead

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  1. This coat is amazing! So tempted to buy!

    I'm loving this sassy little shoulder slip x

  2. Love the look – you're so freekin' sassy and confident 🙂
    I was trying to show someone the post about talking about tits – has it been taken down? Can't seem to find it…