11 Things That Bell Sleeves Make 11 Times Harder

Fashion – every now and again you bring out a trend which looks great in theory, but in practice, can often be a little problematic. This (and last) season’s case in point: flared/bell sleeves adorning jumpers, dresses, shirts and tops all over the runway and high street. And they just keep getting bigger and bigger. Britney Spears singing I’m not a girl not yet a woman in the final scene in Crossroads (great film, didn’t get the credit it deserved) has become an ultimate – and unlikely – style icon. And I couldn’t be happier because I was practically obsessed with that look.

I’ve been wearing this Marks & Spencer’s flared-sleeve jumper a lot lately and it shows – mostly from the dirt and weird stains that have started to collect on the sleeves. So for research – and fashion – purposes, I wore it for a day and wrote down every single little daily thing made harder by said sleeves. I’ve written about this trend before here, but figured it’s time to look a little closely at how this oh-so-cool trend inhibits my daily tasks. For research, remember?! So here’s 11 things made 11 times harder with bell sleeves…

1) Applying Makeup
It’s 7am and I’ve got dressed and now I’m attempting a full contour and it’s hard. You want to know what’s harder? Eyeliner and mascara. Flappy sleeves are putting me off my winged liner so bad.

2) Curling Your Hair
Me and my fabulous jumper are now 90% closer to becoming burn victims. I’m going to assume this goes for straightening too…

3) Putting On Your Coat
So.Much.Bunching.In.The.Sleeves. Plus, do you leave them in or do you let them poke out!?

4) Getting Through Doors Smoothly
I’m running late and I’ve just been held back even longer by this sassy sleeve getting stuck on a door handle and pulling me backwards. Liability.

5) Getting Things Out of Pockets/ Bags
Running late. Can’t find Oyster. Rummaging through bags and pockets is so much harder when you’ve got silly sleeves getting in the way and hiding everything.

6) Going to the Toilet
Wiping. That’s all I’m gonna say.

7) Washing Your Hands
Ugh, you know how surprisingly uncomfortable a wet sleeve feels against your skin. Especially when this one keeps moving and slapping you every time you move your hand.

8) Texting
I’m not ghosting you it’s just a bit of an effort to tb rn (note: this is a PERFECT excuse if you do actually want to ghost someone because you literally can’t text back)

9) Painting Your Nails
… don’t even bother.

10) Making Food
I’m so hungry oh my god I’m so hungry oh my god I’ve just trailed these sleeves into half of my omelette mixture, can I ring out what it soaked up back into the pan? No? Oh, ok then.

11) Eating Food
There’s gravy/ ketchup/ half of my BLT attached to me now. We are one.

But not to worry, as like I said before, what the lack in practicality, they more than make up for in sass and style. So for a bit of balance, the following things are made all the more better with sleeves

Hailing a cab
Dancing – especially Beyonce’s single ladies
Making flustered arm movements in an argument

Life’s all about balance, I guess.

Let me know in the comments below your daily style struggles of bell sleeves – and make sure you watch it in action in my YouTube video right underneath (and subscribe to my channel too!)

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  1. I had such a good laugh at this!! I feel you. Washing up my mug at work became the most awkward thing. Made even better by people standing around waiting for me to finish. Cue dangly, wet sleeves 👍🏼


  2. God I love the bell sleeve trend so much but boy do I relate to so many of these! haha I wore the M&S jumper yesterday and accidentally dipped one sleeve into my soup, then a couple hours later my tea…BUT totally worth it because I'm in love with the jumper, it's so floofy and cosy! xx


  3. SO happy you did this post. I was at a baby shower this weekend in my bell sleeve jumper and getting to the sausage rolls which were in the middle of the buffet table was hard work – especially when they were surrounded by dips. So much effort just for sausage roll!

    Love that you always write relatable articles! 🙂



  4. I just discovered your blog, Sophie, and had such a good laugh at this post! Love your style in both clothing and writing


    Saida | She talks Glam

  5. I tend to love practicality so I am glad I restrained myself from buying this trend.
    You look beautiful in the pictures 🙂