What To Exchange Your Crap Christmas Gifts For

  Is your face hurting from all of the fake smiling and gift-facing you’ve been doing at those terrible presents your relatives have given you? I feel for you, I really do. So much so that I’ve created a nice little cheat sheet of things you can swap those presents for. Thank god for gift receipts….

the tacky lingerie your boyfriend bought you

Lingerie makes a genuinely wicked present – especially when it’s pricey. It’s one of those things that although we wear it every day, because nobody else sees, it can feel a bit of a waste of money that could have been spent on that nice Topshop blouse you’ve been eyeing up. But whilst you can’t always justify getting it for yourself, it makes it prime present real estate. Unfortunately, yours and your boyfriends tastes differ. He likes fishnet bodystockings, whilst you like pretty and delicate lace. I’m sure these swaps below are enough to change his tastes…

The bath salt set your step-brother bought you

You know that he knows that it irritates your skin to high heavens. In fact, you’ve been through this SO many times through your teen years that you’ve come to the conclusion he’s bought you this as a gift purposely to irritate your mind and soul, as well as your body. Change it out for some hair products because nothing says I Slept With Your Best Friend in Your Bed When We Were Teens like a sassy hair flick and a knowing look. 

DVD box set from your cousins

What even is a DVD player? Yes, you loved all of the Sex and the City’s but your not sure it lives up to the feminist ideals you’ve taken on. Instead, you swap it for a Netflix membership. 
Cat pyjamas from your mum

I get it. Your mum obviously doesn’t want you to ever get laid so she’s going to try and prevent this in the only way she can think of now that you don’t actually live in her home anymore: by cladding you in pyjamas that scream crazy cat lady in the making. I love my mum, I love my pyjamas, and I actually love cats too, but I’d be swapping these out for a new pair of gym leggings to encourage me to whip my arse into shape in the new year. 

a cookbook from your hometown friend you rarely see

Ah, the cookbook. Promises so much, but in reality, nobody ever has the 15 different spices required to make just one recipe and nobody is ever going to go out and buy them all. Instead, you’ll just substitute them for other things and end up eating something that tastes like World-Fusion food put in a blender with some cabbage. Get yourself a juicy new novel or something self-helpy to start the year right instead to help make your miserable January commute a little more tolerable.

If you are STILL stuck for ideas, check out my latest video on what I bought through December, including all of the best sales!

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  1. Sophie, you are officially my fave blogger, this had me chuckling so hard. Keep the good posts rollin'