Hormonal Breakouts Are A Bitch – #100DAYRESET Day 60

Hello guys and Happy Happy New Year! January has long been seen as the month of rejuvenation after partying way way (waaaaay) too hard through the holiday season. It’s time to atone for our Christmas sins of eating way too much food (my blood is still 60% made of cheese I swear), drinking way too much alcohol, and not really looking after ourselves quite the way we would usually. This month is usually all about an influx of healthy attitudes, a little bit of detoxing, and new eating habits (if you’re looking to tone up and get lean check out my review and results from the Body Coach’s 90 Day SSS plan), so it seems pretty fitting that my first official post of 2017 is in the wellness vein, jumping back in to tell you how I’m getting on with the #100DayReset challenge the iiaa set me – now at day 60!

A quick recap for anyone not in the know, the iiaa set me the challenge to totally reform my slobby beauty ways to get my skin in better health. By using their ANP supplements, Environ skincare range, and Jane Iredale mineral cosmetics exclusively for 100 days, we’re tracking how these products have been changing my skin for the better. You can see my 30 day update here!

So hitting day 60 was an interesting one. Having been totally blown away by the progress shown in my skin analysis photos from the first 30 day period of using these products, I had my hopes up super high for something even more miraculous to change. But it kind of didn’t. I’ve been taking all of the supplements, following the routine perfectly and even enjoying lathering several products onto my face every night (I am honestly totally reformed from my old slobby facewiping ways – it’s great!) but it just seems as though my skin is kind of plateauing. I suppose it’s the same as when you lose weight – you make all of this killer progress quickly, and when it starts to slow down you feel a little disheartened.

One of my major skin problems before starting this challenge was hormonal breakouts. 9 out of 10 women I talk to get these so it’s not as though it’s a big deal, but when you have 5-6 days every month where your chin starts to resemble a slice of pepperoni pizza, it certainly leads to you feeling extra self conscious (then add that on top of the fact you’re probably already moody and PMS-y and you have a recipe for disaster). In the month of my first 30 days I didn’t actually have a hormonal breakout, so I felt it lulled me into a false sense of security and I had a mystically heightened sense of self. When I filmed the accompanying video for my 60 day update and took these makeup-free photos immediately below, however, I was just getting over what felt like a double strength hormonal breakout as payback for being arrogant enough to think I didn’t get them anymore. Damn girl.

Let’s reassess other problem areas. Progress at clearing up all of the congestion around my chin (I have TONNES of these horrible small bumps called closed comedones that aren’t hugely noticeable unless in certain lights but feel awful and give bad texture when wearing makeup) also seems to have ground to a bit of a halt. Whilst some may have cleared up, there’s still plenty of the stubborn things ruining the texture of my skin. So before you knew it it, I got myself caught in a downward spiral and began picking my skin again, squeezing the comedones and essentially making it all so much worse. I find it very difficult not to pointlessly squeeze these bumps. The logic is this: squeeze them, they go away! No more bumps! But it never works like that, of course, and they always just get worse.

Negativity aside, the overall health of my skin looks like it’s improving still. My complexion is clearer and pores all over are less congested (minus that pesky chin), and I’ve had less breakouts elsewhere on my skin.

So, for the next 30 days I am going to try keep my grubby hands off my face and stop squeezing because it’s really not making anything better!

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Lots of love, S x


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