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Presents for your pickiest pals

I’ll start this post with a neat dose of (perhaps unsurprising) honesty: I’m a little bit materialistic. Does it come as a surprise though? Being a blogger I feel it’s something that works hand in hand with the job description – you can’t post about nice pretty things unless you really love nice pretty things, right? And so with that in mind, Christmas has a special place in my heart, simply because of presents. But getting older I’ve realised it’s actually not about receiving present (well, not entirely anyway), but giving gifts that really counts.

Yet the older you get, the tricky people get to buy for – no, the Boots 2 for 3 on gift sets doesn’t quite cut it now we’re all grown ups with real jobs and stuff. My parents give me money for Christmas or pay half towards my hair extensions simply because there’s nothing they can really give me that I can’t get for myself! (Cue Independent Women playing in the background) And plus, I’m fussy. So they’re a little bit scared that if they buy me something I may or may not like, when it hits Christmas Day and we’re grabbing at presents from under the tree like it’s the last piece of KFC chicken in a bargain bucket, I’m going to go all Gift Face on them and be like yayyyy I love this present when really it’s very average. So this post is a little bit of advice to buy for those tricky people in your life who have impeccable taste and have or can get everything they might want. The key: you get them something they never knew they really needed.

Enter DS London, a new British accessories brand that create chic, minimalist, wear-with-everything clutches and pouches. Their pieces most certainly aren’t your standard pick-up-from-Topshop job, where you take your new bag out for cocktails and see four other girls with the same accessory. It’s more of a special piece where you wear it out for cocktails and have four other girls stop you in the toilet to compliment you and ask “Omg I love your bag where is it from?!”

Oh this old thing? DS London. Yeah it’s a cool new independent brand. 

Their designs make unique Christmas gifts for a whole scope of super stylish reasons. One being that they’re minimal – which means they work in so many sartorial situations, like if you’re wearing pretty floral dress like moi above, or if you’re going all chic and tailored, or doing a sports luxe kinda vibe.

Another being that they are so minimal and classic that they are anybody’s cup of tea no matter what style tribe you belong to. Plus coming in at a range of prices, they slot neatly into different price brackets, from Secret Santa gifts under a tenner to blow your budget a little bit presents. With totes that tick all of the right boxes to clutches that’ll make your Saturday night outfit sing, they have it covered. Plus, for a real personal touch, they monogram initials on keyrings like below! (Plus this heart one is adorable too.) Not to ignore the boys, this card holder can be crafted with your lover or brother’s initials for a personal touch.

So if you’ve buying for that girl who has everything, someone who’s just so fussy, or even a new friend/ girlfriend/ casual hookup Tinder date, then DS London has it covered with these super chic accessories as stocking fillers.

Photos by Gemma Talbot

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