Beauty Works x Jen Atkin Tape Hair Extensions

I’m not adverse to a little physical enhancement here and there – and those of you who have followed my blog for some time will already know I’m a bit of a hair extension addict – so the latest addition to the physical update CV is brand new subtle balayage hair using an incredible new method of extension application.

Pre-bonded keratin extensions have always been my thing. Ever since growing past dreaded clip-ins (remember waking up when you all slept at your friends house to find different colour piles of hair extensions dotted about the room? Oh, just me and my pals then…?) and even worse, glued-in strips (bring back bad memories of these falling out whilst I was on the bus home from college) I’ve upgraded to the super natural swishy looking bonds. But the maintenance can be a little tough on your own hair so I decided to change things up with the new tape extensions range by Beauty Works made in collaboration with hair stylist to the stars, Jen Atkin. And quite frankly, I’m never ever going back to bonds.

Strips of hair are secured to your own using tape, sandwiching a sliver of your own hair in between two pieces of taped hair extensions. It’s like a hair sandwich… sort of. I headed over to London-based extensionist, colourist, and all round mega-babe Lucia Farnesi to get a new head of swishy Princess hair installed and could not be happier with the result.

To sum up the major pros:

  1. Super quick application
  2. Practically invisible in your head (and lie so flat to the scalp – no weavy or clip-in bulges)
  3. Non-damaging

Want more info? Want to know the cons? The prices?

Just watch the video!

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  1. Thank goodness you posted this, have been trying to find someone to do la weave in this area with decent hair like beautyworks for years, have had so many terrible extension jobs that now have to get hair coloured at rush then get a friend to weave them in but it's a mare! Am trying to book an apt with this lady asap! x