What To Wear To A Christmas Party If You Don’t Like Dresses

We’re looking down the lens of party season, and if you’re currently being blinded in your quest for the perfect outfit with a dizzying overload of sparkle, Studio 54-style flounce, and body-con dresses that don’t quite accommodate the feasting that goes hand-in-hand with festive season, then let this post be your guide. There’s nothing wrong with all of those things – in fact, they are the things that can make party season so fun – but they’re just not everyone’s cup of tea. So let’s say that if crystal-dipped dresses feel far more costumey than a real life outfit choice, then it’s time to slide down to the polar opposite end of the sartorial scale and slip into a suit.

I love dressing up. I love that clothes can make you whoever you want to be for the day or night, so that’s why flipping between chic dresses to cool-girl suits appeals so strongly to me. And when invites start flooding your inbox, it helps to have an arsenal of styles ready to go so you don’t get tagged in the same LBD over and over (#socialsuicide)
Plus there’s something inexplicably sexy about a suit – it’s all in the subtleties of it. Filtered in midnight black velvet (ticking a huge AW16 trend box), Dorothy Perkins’ loosely-tailored two-piece has this louche, fluid, laid-back sultry vibe which is just perfect for party season. It shows that you care, but not too much. Consider it the cooler, sexier, more nonchalant sister who has a bit of an attitude after a couple of espresso martinis to the standard party dress.

Oh this thing? I just threw it on… 

And drilling down to another fine point behind the benefits of getting suited up for a shindig, answer me this: how many times did you wear the party dress you wore last Christmas? Was it once? Because I’m sure as hell guilty of slipping on the sparkly maxi dress purchase I made last year just the one time, never to be worn again (apart from the two times I thought it would be fun to wear it whilst tidying my room but let’s not talk about that…) With a sleek suit, however, half of its charm lies in being made from two components that you can style separately. Throw this blazer jacket over a slinky slip dress when hitting up Christmas cocktails for Friendsmas, then wear your velvet trousers with a cosy jumper in the office.

But if you can’t say no to a bit of glitz, an onslaught of sparkling accessories will amplify this suit. A twinkling embellished clutch amps up the feminine factor, whilst glittering Cinderella-style shoes give a fairy tale finish without the whole leaving your shoe on a step/getting your ass saved by a prince BS.

Dorothy Perkins Trousers, Blazer, Top, Shoes, and Bag 
All items c/o of Dorothy Perkins, with monetary compensation made for the creation of this post

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  1. LOVE this – you look amazing as always. I am always so hesitant to go for a velvet suit, but I've kind of now got on in my basket debating whether to take the risk or not.


    Kassie http://www.styledevoured.uk