Nailing Day-To-Night Dressing

Post-work drinks? Cocktails with the girls? Boozy lunch leading into a bar crawl? Super hot Bumble date? (Because we all know Tinder is so 2014)… whatever it is on the agenda, when there’s no time for a pitstop at home for a change of outfit and a dusting of smokey eyeshadow before an evening affair, day-to-night dressing needs to be something you’ve got on your CV.

But it is hard. It’s the topic of many a conversation in the office which usually ends in “just wear a black dress” or “nice blouse and jeans” or “just cancel and stay at home instead” – all viable options, of course (especially the third) – but none of it really fixes the problem. You want someone to be enthusiastic and say “I wish I had thought of that!” when looking at your I’m-going-to-get-drunk-after-work outfit.

 So it’s got to be versatile enough to blur the boundaries of occasion. It’s got to be smart enough not to get you sent to the HR department. And it has to have an element of wow-factor. Well, what I’m describing sounds like an urban legend of wardrobes across the globe that people talk about but it doesn’t quite exist, but I think Topshop might just have it nailed in this leopard print maxi dress.

You may have seen this in action in my leopard print trend video, but I felt it deserved an honorable mention having been the centre of many a compliment during a recent weekend trip away. With a wrap-style silhouette, this dress is universally flattering on loads of body shapes. Plus, with a maxi length (this one I’m wearing is actually from the petite section which I returned for a longer one in the end) it also suits a whole manner of frames.

 Of course, how to style it from desk-til-dusk? An elegant pair of ankle boots (sock-style specifically) will do the trick and make this dress a little more appropriate for the season. Top if off with a cosy oversized shearling-lined leather biker jacket and you’ve got it nailed. If ankle boots aren’t your thing, contrast the dress with a pair of adidas Gazelles and swap the biker for an oversized bomber instead.

You can thank me later when a group of drunk girls harass you with compliments in the toilet.

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  1. This whole outfit is stunning! Effortless but glamourous – the perfect combination. The boldness of the leopard print is great mixed with the classic little black dress. Your slightly waved hair also ties the whole ‘effortless’ look in well!