How To Make The Most of the Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales

It’s Friiiiday Friiiiiday gotta get down on Black Friiiiiday

 Black Friday and Cyber Monday – well, Cyber Weekend. Are they just an Americanised shopping extravaganza that tabloids and headlines love to feast on to give them an escape from the discussion on the Christmas TV ad battle? Or is it a prime opportunity to get major discounts and pick up the things you’ve been lusting after that may have been a bit out of your budget before the big price slash? Well I’m sure you can guess which camp I’m in – no surprise it being the latter. Whilst I’m usually a hater of sales, there’s a serious smug satisfaction from buying something that you’ve been after for ages with a nifty discount from the comfort of your own pyjamas. I’ll be releasing all of the best discounts from your favourite stores when the time hits so stay tuned! But until then, I’ve got the 411 on how to shop Black Friday and Cyber Weekend like a pro…

Shop for Christmas Gifts 

Pick up Christmas Gifts in the Black Friday and Cyber Weekend sales. With so many things discounted – from beauty products to homeware – you can buy your loved one more than you may have budgeted for – another reason why you might be everyone’s favourite Secret Santa this year! Nothing is worse than having to pay £150 for your boyfriend’s All Saints jumper when you could have got it with 20% off just a few days before. Be smart!

Get Gadgets & Tech 

Photo by Chelcie Nicole M

Last year I picked up the Olympus PEN E-PL7 and 45mm lens with discounted prices and since getting those pieces of equipment I haven’t looked back. I then went on to buy the 75mm lens which is pricey, but sure to be slashed down a significant amount. I’m also planning on updating my kit by upgrading to the newly launched Olympus PEN E-PL8 during the weekend which should have some nice discount too!

Buy Winterwear

One thing the winter will bring is for sure is cold, cold, and more cold, so stock up by buying lots of cosy knitted pieces and outerwear. Coats and jackets can be notoriously pricey, especially ones made of high-quality wools, so Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the perfect times to get something sensible and stylish, at an even more sensible price.

Pick Up Something Designer

As with the coats and gadgets, Black Friday and Cyber Weekend are good times to get your hands on pricier items, so be prepared to splash some cash and pick up that It-Bag without feeling the guilt of parting with quite so much money. Whilst many designers won’t necessarily enter these sales directly, department stores and online luxury websites such as Nordstrom and Farfetch often do. 

And finally, it is payday weekend after all…

Magically, for most of you (not me, unfortunately!) Black Friday happens to be on the last Friday of the month, which is coincidentally when most businesses pay their employees. As if you needed more of an excuse to splash the cash?

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