#100DayReset Challenge – Day 1

The start of one skincare slob’s journey for flawless skin…

I have a confession to make. Despite what reputation might be put on bloggers as being ultra-glossy with wonderful skin, hair, nails as well as wardrobes, boyfriends and lives, I am in fact a beauty slob. Well, to be more precise, a skincare slob. So whilst yes, my makeup might be done to the most perfectly high standard I can possibly manage, what lies beneath is a totally different story. Blackheads. Dry skin. Closed comedones all over my chin. All enhanced when a hormonal break outs around my chin and mouth just before period shows up. In other words, I’m practically a witch.

As a teenager I always suffered from bad skin. From 14-16 I tried almost everything a GP could prescribe until I was put on Dianette, a birth control pill known for its godsend skin-clearing ways. And like that I was free of spots. But due to health concerns, you can’t be on Dianette for too long, and after changing to different types of birth control pills I decided to come off it for good as the side-effects of anxiety and depression were too strong. Whilst I was taking the pill, my skin was invincible. I’d go to sleep with my makeup on, only ever use face wipes (the horror!) to remove makeup and cleanse, rarely moisturise, pick my skin, etc etc. I’ve written openly about my skincare sins in the past, but cut to one year later, and my skin has become as bad as ever thanks to a mash up of problematic skin, hormones, and sheer laziness. I needed a solution.

There was one problem: I hadn’t got a clue about where to start. The beauty industry is incredibly oversaturated with so many ‘miracle’ products claiming to cleanse, clean, purify you to your upmost level of personal perfection. To me, it was just white noise. The world of good skincare routines and beauty regimens always seemed more like a cult to me, with people using fancy scientific words like ‘peptides’ and something I can’t spell so won’t bother trying, and I’m just watching on from the outside, my clueless spotty face pressed against the window. But in order to reform my ways, I’m working with iiaa (International Institute for Anti-Ageing) in the #100DayReset challenge to work towards getting naturally flawless skin. iiaa are the mother group of three major brands that work together in unison.

ANP (Advanced Nutrition Programme) – skincare supplements
Environ – skincare products using Vitamin A
Jane Iredale – mineral makeup.

The reason they work so well is because they believe in a feed, fortify, and finish philosophy, with the three brands complementing each other.


You take ANP supplements to give you enhanced nutrition, to start beautification from the inside. It’s sort of like the saying you are what you eat. So if you put the best things in your body, it’ll show through on the outside too. This is just as important as what’s applied topically to the skin. Different ranges have been produced to tackle different skin issues.


Environ skincare, enriched with Vitamin A and a whole world of other incredible ingredients, works with the layers of your skin to prevent anti-ageing and keep skin in optimum health. Dr Des Fernades, rated among the top 5 plastic surgeons in the world, is at the heart of this brand. He worked to develop products with enough vitamin A to counteract the harmful effects of the environment, pollution, and stress. Because the skin isn’t used to vitamin A, it has to become accustomed through a step-up system of products with increasing levels of vitamin A.


Use mineral-based, cruelty-free cosmetic brand Jane Iredale to finish the routine. The products are essentially skincare-makeup designed to protect your skin from every day life. What’s the point in feeding your skin nutritionally, applying great topical lotions, to leave it at risk of damage from the sun and pollution etc? This makeup range protects against all of that, all whilst making you look and feel flawless.

Now I’m no stranger to iiaa. When freelancing for a magazine around 3 years ago, I was sent to review a facial at their flagship Environ clinic Skin3 in Swiss Cottage, London, and given the right supplements, skincare products, and makeup to keep my skin looking perfect. But low and behold, as the products ran out, I slipped back into old habits of laziness and ended up at square one.

So here I am again! Starting over. Day 1 started at Skin3 having my initial skin analysis, where my face was scanned with ultra hi-tech equipment to assess the condition of the skin below the surface. After, I was treated with the Environ Active Vitamin Facial, where Vitamins A, C and antioxidants are driven deep into the lower layers of the skin using state of the art technology (imagine a facial in a sci-fi film and you probably have it nailed) I left with skin looking glossier, more hydrated, and fresher than ever before. As part of continuing with the #100DayReset, I’ll be having weekly Cool Peel treatments too.

Here’s my makeup-free skin at it’s current state

After treatment, I was set up with the products and a regime based on my needs.

FEED with

  • ANP’s Skin Accumax supplements – a unique formula made for problem, breakout-prone skin like mine. It’s considered a real hero-product.


  • Environ’s Pre-cleansing oil (to remove makeup at the end of the day)
  • Sebuwash cleanser
  • AVST Moisturising Toner
  • Colostrum Gel
  • AVST1 Moisturiser
  • RAD Antioxidant SPF


These products are expected to change throughout as my skin adapts, developing new and different needs. And this starts my journey to getting flawless, Beyonce-worthy, #iwokeuplikethis skin! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to comment or tweet me. I’ll be updating you on my progress with a new video and blog post on day 30, so stay tuned for that! In the meantime, keep up to date on my social media via Instagram stories to see BTS at facials and more progress!

Fancy trying the challenge for yourself?

You can get 25% off an Active Vitamin Facial and Skin analysis at Skin 3.

Full price: £144

Discounted price: £108

To book call 020 7328 1291 quote: FASHIONSLAVE


Terms and conditions: For new Skin3 customers only. Not suitable for Roaccutane and pregnant customers.

Get my outfit from the video

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