Denim & Stripes are the Drake & Rihanna of My Wardrobe

Avocado and toast. Ant and Dec. Chips and ketchup. In fact, ketchup and everything. Yes, it’s all very well known that somethings in life certainly work better together: one simply isn’t quite right without the other. Denim and stripes? Well, that certainly is the Drake and Rihanna of the wardrobe world. 
True, they hold their own when worn separately. Denim is a staple that’s been championed for several seasons from the highest of all Parisian fashion houses, right down to the great British high street. It’s no longer a dress-down essential for when you cba but a bonafide style statement in its own right – providing you invest in something with enough star quality. And stripes are a key component of any capsule wardrobe for a reason. But when they come together? They work in perfect harmony. Like Drake and Rihanna’s What’s My Name, Take Care, and Work, naturally. 

So see right here, this outfit combines the two – although, this season’s striped top comes with sleeves dipped in red, exaggerated in length for an update that satisfies that strange (but oh-so-cool) new trend for extra-long sleeves. And this denim skirt – the vintage renewal one spun from a pair of Levis – has also been making the rounds amongst the style set

Even Man Repeller has shouted out on behalf of the humble denim mini, offering up three ways to style it which are, quite naturally, far more adventurous than my boring classic pairing with stripes. So there you have it. Like Drake & Rihanna, it’s a winning formula guaranteed to nail a number one (or peak at a solid two or three – but that’ll do)
 See this skirt in action in my latest haul video below, and shop my high street picks underneath!

I’m wearing Zara Top, ASOS reclaimed vintage skirt, CRU London bag (c/o), Topshop shoes, Matthew Calvin Necklace (c/o)

Photography by Rebecca Spencer

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