The Best Accessories To See You Through The New Season

Autumn/ Winter 2016 trends are coming in faster than you can say “but I still have sweat patches from this incessant heat?” and whilst I’ve already covered the major pieces you can buy now to wear now (and later when the mercury drops), another great way to stake your claim is through buying key accessories that lend a nod to the runway’s strongest moods. It’s all about trend-led pieces that still retain perennial appeal. So go on, it’s payday after all…


I’ve tweeted notably that Oxford Street is the Mecca for all pick-up artists. During one memorable pounce during the winter, when some man realised he was getting nowhere with me, he preceded to pick at my outfit. Perhaps this was his attempt at negging, but he asked me why I was wearing sunglasses when it was winter. “Do you think you’re some kind of celebrity or something?”

Now I’m not sure about you, but I think sunglasses are named SUNglasses for a reason. That being, they protect your eyes from the blistering sunshine. The blistering sunshine which also exists in the winter months. Otherwise, they’d have called them summerglasses. No? So that’s exactly what I said, whilst waltzing off into the eye-searing January rays.

For this very reason, sunglasses are an investment with perennial appeal. Here are some of the best.


This chain-embellished Zara bag has certainly got more than its price-tag’s worth of airtime on this blog. Riffing on a Chanel design, it incorporates luxe silver hardware with glossy mock-croc faux leather. Yes, faux. It’s had a pretty hefty price tag for something that’s not real, but I’ve got a pick of similar ones below with lower price points. Plus, plenty more arm candy to see you through the new season. Mango has become my go-to for catwalk-inspired designs as of late, so any pick from there will have people taking double-takes and asking you who you’re bag is by, not where it’s from.

Ankle Boots
When it comes to ankle boots, nobody can be matched for standout statement-making with an affordable price tag quite like Public Desire can. After creating those Dior dupes last season, they’ve been right back at it creating sporty Vetement’s style sock boots and ankle-grazing styles with stick-of-rock-style heels. The marble-heel Allie boots are an insanely good dupe of the Topshop ones in the photograph above, but come in several different colourways. Get disco-ready metallic and luxe tapestry-esque jacquard finishes on your radar now ASAP, too. 


Over-the-knee-boots are going to be big news again this season. I’ve already given a preview of how I’ll be styling them, and after trying out EGO’s designs I honestly can’t recommend them enough for price and fit. I find over-the-knee boots to be notoriously slippy, and when they make such a statement, you really can’t afford to be stopping every ten steps to pull them back up your legs. Totally takes away the bad bitch vibes. EGO’s always stay super snug, proving there’s no need to fork out a fortune to get the right fit.

image 1, 2, 3, 4 by Rebecca Spencer
image 5 by Ella H
image 6 by Lydia Collins

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  1. I'm a sucker for Ankle Boots! I actually tried the Topshop ones you mentioned earlier today but just couldn't justify the price tag so I'm definitely going to look into the Public Desire ones.

    Martha | Martha Dahhling